All Mine

This is about me and my friends and our boyfriends, In our Sophmore year of college. Wait till you see what happens.....


1. First Day!

I was walking down the hall with Gracie, When we ran into Allie and Ruger. They were holding hands and Allie was snuggled up to him. Gracie was talking to her ficance, Jacob about tonights party.

We were in the party section of Lou's Bar, I was standing by the door waiting for the guests to arrive. Gracie was sitting on Jacobs lap talking off Allie's ear, While Ruger sat and texted his friend Dawson.

Brooke and Nick walked in along with other High School friends, Everybody sat at the table and I stood at the door waiting for Dawson to arrive.

"Where is he" I said to myself worried.

Dawson suddenly walked in and grabbed my waist from behind.

" Holy Shit you scared me" " You were away from me to long" I said against his lips before kissing him deeply.

" Are you a light switch because you just turned me on" Dawson giggled

" Your so cheesy" I mumbled while pulling him into the booth.

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