Yesterday, Summer, Jade, September and Ella are five best friends who share a flat and are part of a singing group they have been in since primary school. All directioners, they are anxious to meet the fellow band members, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam. When they finally meet by sheer coincidence, love blossoms between all of them. But with angry fans, constant fighting between friends and only limited time to spend with the band, what will happen in the end?


7. Shopping

Yesterday's P.O.V "I steadied myself by putting my hand on his strong shoulder, not wanting the delicate first kiss to end. The Ferris wheel stopped at the bottom but our turn had a few more cycles around it. It was awkward leaning in from both of the small seating benches on each side of the carriage, so Louis stood up and moved to a spot next to me. We no longer kissed, we just watched everything below us with his arm around my shoulder. We did that until our turn ended, it was amazing." I explained to Summer, Jade, Ella and September. When they were sure I had finished, they all screamed, then I screamed too and we were all screaming and jumping and getting excited. After that we all went in to my room and got in to our pjs. Mine were One Direction ones of cause, and so were Jade's and Ella's. I brushed my teeth and then went to bed, finding it hard to sleep, too busy thinking about what had happened today.  

When I woke up, I checked my phone I had a new message received not too long ago. I glanced at the message: 'Hey Babe, this is Louis. I had a really great time yesterday. Anyway, how are you?' I screamed, quickly typing in a reply. I hesitated before sending it but braved it and did. This is what it read: 'Hey! I'm fine thanks. You? I had an amazing time yesterday as well. See you again?'. I quickly went and showed all the other girls the text and then I got a reply, this is what it said: 'I'm happy when you're happy love ❤ Today when you're ready, for brekky?' And I was about to reply but I just called him instead. "Hey babe! What's up?" He said through the phone. "Oh I just wanted to call you to talk. Sorry, I get a bit tired of texting on my crap phone" " it's fine love, I'll call you back, I have heaps of credit" "Okay thank you!" I replied and he hang up. Just then, the doorbell rang.

Louis' P.O.V

I rang the doorbell and stood outside what I was pretty sure was her unit. Another girl answered the door who I recognised as Summer. "Hello!" I said to her as she just stood and stared at Niall, as she had done the whole time we were at the funfair. "Oh, hi guys!" She said to us, obviously excited. At that moment, Yesterday appeared behind in the door way in her pyjamas, waved, then looked down at her pyjamas and nervously walked quickly away. I laughed. She looked gorgeous with anything on. I loved her wavy dark hair and bright green eyes, I couldn't stop staring into them. She had reasonably olive skin, but not too tan. She was really tall and had amazing skinny long legs. I loved every bit about her. Summer showed us in, nervously kicking things away and apologising about how messy it was. I didn't mind. We walked past a door and Summer told me it was Yesterday's room so I knocked on her door and then opened it, thinking there would be no one in there. To my surprise, I caught her standing up getting changed! She only had her bra and underpants on so I quickly looked away, knowing that she wouldn't feel comfortable. I closed the door but stayed in her room, staring at the door waiting for her to finish. "I'm so sorry" I said shyly, afraid she wouldn't answer. She told me it was fine and that she was ready now, so I turned around. She was wearing a simple black playsuit and her hair was up in a high pony-tail. I loved her when her hair was out but she still looked amazing. I asked her if it was alright if we hung out this morning and she nodded her head and smiled. I asked her what she wanted to do and she shrugged and asked me if we could go to my house. The others wanted to stay there so we just went by ourselves. It was quite early but all the shops were still open so I asked her if she wanted to go shopping and then to my place for breakfast. She seemed happy at the idea and went to her room to get some money but I told her it wouldn't be necessary. "We're One Direction remember?!" I said, trying not to brag but she got the picture. We were loaded. I told her that we had come in the limo so we would have to go in there again and she seemed really excited. The limo came and we got in, sitting side by side. I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed again. I've never kissed anyone and have it felt so wonderful. We stopped when we were dropped off at the mall and we went in. First, I surprised her by going into the Apple store and distracted her looking at the iPods when I went over to the counter and bought an iPhone 5 for her. Sure, it was really expensive (I got her the one with the most gigabytes) but she needed it and we were rich enough to buy it. I would give it to her when we got home. As we walked out we went into a clothes store and Yesterday said that it was too nice and expensive. I told her it as fine, and I told her I would be back in a second as I walked into the phone carrier place to buy a sim for her phone. I choose the most expensive plan, with unlimited everything so she could text me all the time. I would pay for it completely. I got the right one for her phone and walked back into the shop, but I couldn't find her and I started to worry. I was stupid to leave her alone in the store. To my relief, she walked out of the change room in the most beautiful dress. It was white and silver strapless down to her knees but flowing around her at the bottom were sequins and diamontes. She looked so beautiful. I stared at her in awe until she noticed me, too busy looking in the mirror outside the change rooms. Her cheeks blushing bright red for some reason. "Why are you blushing? You look stunning" I said to her. "It's beautiful but I don't want to seem as if I want you to buy it, it's so expensive!" She said back, but I just told her to go back into the change room and give it to me so I'd buy it for her. She did so, still unsure about the price. I bought it and to her if there was anything else she wanted and she showed me a few other things and tried them on. She looked beautiful in everything. I bought almost 5 bags full of clothes for her and when we went out she hugged me really hard and thanked me. "That is definitely my favourite shop!" she announced, laughing. She seemed to think we were finished but I brought her into a shop that sold lots of things, (like David Jones) and she went into the perfume section. I stayed in the electronics section and bought her this silver iPhone case and a One Direction one for the sake of it. I laughed when I saw myself in the picture, remembering the photo shoot. I bought them with some silver beats headphones and a few other things, like chargers and things. I also splurged on this silver dock, knowing it was her favourite colour. Now she'll never have to buy anything for it again! I met her in the perfume section again and found her sniffing this fancy looking bottle. "Mmmnnn, this smells amazing!" she said to herself then noticed me. I sniffed it and I just grabbed a package of it and bought it for her. She ran up to me and said, "stop Louis! why are you buying all these things for me? we only just met yesterday!" She said, and laughed because I knew she thought it felt like we'd known eachother forever, and her name was Yesterday so it sounded strange. "It's fine Yesterday! How do you think it feels having thousands and thousands of pounds and hardly ever spending it? If I want to spend it on anything, I want to spend it on you" I said to her, feeling proud and confident buying anything for her. "That's so sweet" she said, and didn't fight me when I asked her for anything else. She told me about all the other stuff she loved and we bought it all. Makeup, creams, pyjamas, bags, jewellery and some matching sunnies to mine. Lugging so many bags full of stuff, we made it back to the limo as we were definitely finished buying things, and I brought her back to my place and put all her presents in a big silver box I had bought as well while she showered and got into her new top and. When she was all ready, I told her to sit down and placed the box on her lap and told her to open it. She unwrapped the ribbon on the top of the box and slowly opened the lid. Yesterday's P.O.V I slowly opened the lid of the box and then screamed in excitement when I saw what was in it. The box was massive, and inside it there was a white 64gb iPhone 5, a massive sliver iPhone dock and heaps of other little things for it, almost everything silver and white. I laughed at the Obe Direction case, staring at Louis posing on it. There was also a small sim underneath the the box and read the piece of paper attached to it. Louis was just grinning at me. "It's unlimited everything so we can talk all the time when we're not together" he explained, and I screamed and hugged him tight. "Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much! I screamed at him. "What is this for? It's not my birthday!" I said to him, in awe. "Your present for our first, um, time we met" he replied, and I wondered what this hell he would buy me when it was my birthday, a sparkly silver Lambighini with a big silver bow tied to it? He was definitely the most generous boyfriend I've ever had, if he was even my boyfriend. As if he had read my thoughts, he brought something out of his pocket and looked me in the eye, then he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Wow. This a lot to take in in one day. "I don't know....." I said, and he dropped his eyes downward and apologised, saying that he knew he had gone too far. "Louis, I mean, I don't know how to say how much I want to! Yes, yes, yes!" I screamed. He looked at me in a mixture of relief and surprise, and handed me the small silver velvet box. I opened it, and inside was a silver necklace in shaped of half a heart, the heart sparkling with hundreds of tiny crystals stuck on to it together, shining like diamonds. He pulled out the black chain he had been wearing, to show me it was the other half of the heart but without the crystals. "You are the shining light in my heart" he explained, and kissed me passionately on the lips. We kissed for a while and then asked him what had been bugging me since I put the necklace on. "Um, Louis, are these, you know? Diamonds?" I questioned him and then the smile slowly left his face. "Please don't get angry at me and give it back, but they are" he said, and I squealed and kissed him again.

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