Yesterday, Summer, Jade, September and Ella are five best friends who share a flat and are part of a singing group they have been in since primary school. All directioners, they are anxious to meet the fellow band members, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam. When they finally meet by sheer coincidence, love blossoms between all of them. But with angry fans, constant fighting between friends and only limited time to spend with the band, what will happen in the end?


6. Funfair

Yesterday's P.O.V

I groaned as I turned around on to my side, dreading the moment when I had to get up. As if she could hear my thoughts, Jade entered the room and said "get up sleepy head!" "Mmnnnnnn" I replied, and she laughed. At that moment, Summer appeared in the doorway. "You better get up, September and Ella are eating breakfast downstairs and we're almost ready to go" Summer warned, avoiding my gaze for some reason. When she said that we were almost all ready to go, I frowned, but then I remembered; the funfair! I shot up, getting out of bed then rubbing my big green eyes. Bed had no longer become my main goal to stay in, but getting to the funfair was. You're probably wondering why five girls around 20 years old would be so excited to go to a funfair, but the thing is, this is one of the biggest funfairs in England and it's held in the middle of London every year. We have gone there every year together since we met in primary school and we love it every time! Anyway, I walked up to my wardrobe and picked some clothes out. We were all massive directioners and I wanted to show it and be proud of it today so I picked a cropped grey singlet with black writing on it saying, Lou, Hazza, Nialler, Leeyum and then DJ Malik. I paired it with black and grey tie dye shorts and some high-top black converse. I also grabbed my black, grey and white bag and slung it under my shoulder, stuffing a red hoodie in it that probably didn't go with my outfit, but you can't be too matching or it looks a little freaky. I got my phone, this little black berry like Nokia which I hated and put it into my bag along with my purse and house key, which we all had in case we weren't always with each other. I ran downstairs to see everyone in the kitchen, waiting for me. "I need to have breakfast!" I exclaimed as I walked over to the fridge and September grabbed me by the shoulders and said "not right there miss, you'll have to do without it!" I sighed, hearing the grumble in my stomach. "Don't worry, there are lots of food-stalls at the funfair, we actually regret eating because the food there is so good!" Ella explained.

When we arrived at the funfair, I walked up to a food-stall selling some kind of miniature Dutch pancakes, and ordered a plate with strawberries and chocolate sauce on it. Yum. They were delicious! I looked around and tried to find the others, but they were completely out of sight. I walked around the rides that were nearby but I didn't spot them. That's when I started to worry. I stood on the spot while people buzzed around me, kids yelling and asking their Mum's for cotton candy and icecream and all sorts of things, when my thoughts got interrupted and someone tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped, surprised when I heard them say "are you alright, love?" in a perfect British accent. I gasped, turning around to see a hooded figure with sunglasses on, staring at me through the dark lenses of the ray bands. "F-f-fine" I stuttered, and shivered as a cold breeze went pass. I reached for my jumper but I realised I had left my bag at the food-stall and that the girls were probably ringing me. The boy still had his warm hand on my shoulder until I looked down at it and he pulled it off quickly, only just realising he had had it on the whole time. "Sorry" he managed, and I just smiled, almost swooning over his accent. "Are you sure you're alright?" he said again, and I told him how I'd lost my friends. "We better go find them then" he stated as I stupidly grinned, and he grinned back. I looked at his face again and said "sorry, but do you mind if you take your hood and sunnies off? I want to see who I'm talking to" he glanced around nervously and I wondered why, maybe he had a secret identity or something. He pulled his hoodie back and took his sunglasses off and I gasped at the familiar face. Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I almost let out a squeal, but I closed my mouth because that would of seemed a bit too fan girl. I was a proud Louis girl, and I have been ever since the start of our fandom. We watched the British X-factor every time it was on, and never missed a tiny bit. That's when our obsession started. I loved Louis, Jade loved Harry, Ella loved Liam, September loved Zayn and Summer loved Niall. Louis smiled at me, pulling his hoodie back up quickly and putting his sunnies on. I glanced down at my shirt and sighed. This outfit had become a disaster. I was cold and looked like a complete fan girl with this shirt on. "Are you a fan?" he said while winking. "Um, yeah" I replied, and he got a black marker out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted him to sign my shirt. I nodded and he leaned down then realised it was sort of a mistake. Oops. How was he mean't to sign my shirt without touching my chest? I sighed and pulled the shirt out towards him and he grabbed it, us both feeling quite a bit awkward. He signed the side next to 'Lou' at the top and I decided I would wear this every single day. "Thanks" I managed, as he stood back up and smiled at me. "Sorry, it's a bit messy" he said as he surveyed it, which was awkward because he was staring at my chest. He brought his head back up to mine slowly, knowing he was about to look in my eyes again. I realised this was my dream come true, and Louis Tomlinson was right in front of me, staring in to my eyes through his sunglasses, and I wanted to rip them off to see another glimpse of his bright blue irises. "Let's go find your friends love, do you have your mobile?" then I remembered again, that my bag must still be at the pancake stall and it had my phone in it. "Oh no!" I exclaimed and told him I'd left my bag there. We ran over to the food stall together, Louis jogging beside me, making sure he didn't run ahead at all. How sweet. We found it under the plastic table I had sat on, next to the chair where I'd left it. I pulled my phone out to see I had 3 messages and 5 missed calls. I didn't bother looking at the texts, I just called Jade and told her where I was, mouthing "excuse me" to Louis, who was standing with his hands in his red skinny jeans. I should of guessed. Of cause it was Louis! I told Jade that I'd meet her at the Ferris wheel, when a thought popped into my mind. Why wasn't Louis with Harry, Niall, Liam or Zayn? Maybe he was missing his four best friends as well. I glanced at him and put my phone back in my bag. "Um, Louis?" I asked shyly. "Yes love?" "Where are the rest of the boys?" I said, trying not to mention their names or say 'One Direction' in case anyone heard. He shrugged and said they had disappeared when he found me. "Well, come on then, we'll find my friends and then try and find your's if that's alright" I told him. "Sounds good" he said back to me, smiling. "Sorry love, but I didn't catch your name" he said, and I had a feeling he was building up to ask something else, I don't know what though. "Yesterday. Yesterday Johansson." I told him, knowing that if I just said 'Yesterday' he would get confused. "What a beautiful name" he said, and then started to look away from me nervously. "Can I have your number please?" he blurted out, trying to get it over and done with. "Sure!" I exclaimed, and he handed me his phone. His iPhone 5 had a pass code lock so I had to hand it back to him. "It's 5687" he told me and I typed it in. I went into his contacts and made one with my phone number and address in it and then took a selfie as the photo. I looked like a freak but I wasn't bothered to take another one. "Thank you" he said, and he set off to find each other's friends. We went to the Ferris wheel and found my friends and I introduced them all to Louis after asking him if it was alright if I told them his real name. They all looked super happy and Ella and Jade screamed. But to our surprise, the rest of the boys were in the line a few places ahead of us so Louis walked up to them and brought them other to us. We all got introduced and we decided we would all go on the Ferris wheel together. When it was finally our turn to get into a carriage, the lady said there was only room for 8 in a carriage so 2 of us had to go in the next one. It ended up being Louis and I, which I was secretly very happy with. As I sat in the carriage, Jade looked at me from the other carriage and winked. I'm going to get teased a lot when we get home. As we slowly went up, Louis had taken his sunglasses off and I couldn't stop staring into his bright blue eyes. He stared back into mine, and he leaned in a little closer. I copied him, and when our noses were almost touching, the Ferris wheel stopped at the very top and we kissed.
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