For the sake of your health

Karly Page is an 18 year old girl who loves writing and loves singing.But one day she goes in the streets only to be saved by a young man who ends up in the hospital.How much shall Karly thank him for saving her life because of her irresponsibility????????????


2. The accident

Harry's P.O.V


Today me and the boys are taking a walk to the park and during the way to the park i see a girl 10x hotter than the girls out right now."hey guys.Look at the hottie" i say giving them my dimple smile.

"oh wow harry i don't think she would fall for you!!!"louis yells out.The girl notices and i motion louis to quiet down because this is supposed to be a secret."shutup.You have eleanor anyways so you can't have her either" i say chuckling.

I stare at her for the longest time but eventually look away because she has caught me staring at her like 7 times already.

She puts her earphones on and starts to cross the street.........and i guess she doesn't notice that no one else is crossing but then i see a car at a very high speed headed her way.

I stare at it but then my reflexes come to work.I run up to her and yell "get out the way!"she takes her earphones out."what?!?!?!" then the car is 3 seconds away from us,so i push her out and the car............hits me.

Karly's P.O.V


The dude that was staring at me a lot was driven over for trying to save me.Then i remember that it was because my music.I quickly get down on the street and touch him and ask him heavingly."are you alive?.........................HELLO!!!!!BOY!!!!" the rest of the guys he was with come up to me.

"you!!!he was trying to tell you to move!" one of them yells at me.

"SORRY.........IM SO SORRY OK????IT WAS ALL MY FAULT"i say crying and yelling.


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