For the sake of your health

Karly Page is an 18 year old girl who loves writing and loves singing.But one day she goes in the streets only to be saved by a young man who ends up in the hospital.How much shall Karly thank him for saving her life because of her irresponsibility????????????


1. natures trip

Karly's P.O.V


"hey karly let's go the park today.Like for real look out the window.It's such a nice day." i hear jackie say as she puts on some clothes.

"ugh....idk if i want to" i reply with a frowning face.She stares at me with a retarded face."No!!!you are going ok?you need to start exercising more and start being active." she give me i care.

I roll my eyes and get up from bed with a big push."well if your gonna be with an attitude you won't make the day happy"

"ok!!!"i really am pissed now.Like the hell?If i don't wanna go then i don't have to but for the sake of her happiness i am.

I get out the bathroom looking more natural then ever.I make my way to my cabinet full of old and new clothes."hurry.ill be on the sidewalk"jackie says walking out the door.I get some caprices and a flowered tank top that comes with a yellow cardigan.My shoes are usual designed flats.I let my hair roll to the side.

I grab my earphones and my iPod, then i get out with a cold water bottle.

Im walking when all of a sudden a group of 5 guys pass us and i get to see one of their faces.......which is awkwardly staring at me.

I smile to him and he smiles back to me licking his lower lip.He keeps walking and i can't help but stare at him.

natures trip........

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