For the sake of your health

Karly Page is an 18 year old girl who loves writing and loves singing.But one day she goes in the streets only to be saved by a young man who ends up in the hospital.How much shall Karly thank him for saving her life because of her irresponsibility????????????


3. Hospital

Karly's P.O.V


Im in the hospital and i catch a glimpse of the boy on the bed with the oxygen mask on."what's his name?"i ask one of the boys that was with him."harry........harry styles"he reply's.

I stare at harry.Then i ask him"who are you guys?"......................."don't you know?" he reply's with pressed eyebrows.I look at him and cross my arms."am i supposed to?"i press my eyebrows.

He gives me a face as if saying 'don't you know?'. I return to the little window where i see harry."i need to see him"i say as i make my way for the door,when i feel one of the guys hand stop me."leave him" he says angrily throwing my hand.

"why?i want to see how he's doing"i add rolling my eyes and rubbing my forehead."well i don't think he's doing soo good...and plus do you want to hurt him again?"he says flicking his brown hair.

"whats your name and the rest of the boy's names" i ask concerned."im louis tomlinson,this is zayn malik,liam payne,niall horan ,and harry in there" he answers pointing each of them.

"look im soo sorry this happened without caution but right now we need to focus on his health and help him get through it"i say as the doctor comes out.

"how is he?"

"no major injuries but he does have a sprained leg and some damaged ribs but no memory erases or anything like that."

"could we possibly see him?"

"when he wakes up first the best friends can see him,then you"

I nod and look back to harry.I smile and shed some tears."why did you save me?why didn't you just let me get run over?" i whisper to myself.

oh harry.

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