Moments Of Impact

-Sequel to Wanna Be Loved. Read that one first.

Hey my name is Haley. In the past year I have gotten over the fact that my daddy died. Quit smoking and doing drugs, and most importantly fallen completely in love with Harry Styles. We are married now, and things are going great. But will they stay that way? Read Moments Of Impact, the sequel to Wanna Be Loved to find out if things remain the same? Or if they take a drastic turn for the worse.
-Haley Marie Styles<3


20. chapter twenty.


     "Congratulations. It's a girl." "A girl." I ask the doctor. I don't believe it was possible for the smile to leave my face.  "A girl." He nods. I look at Harry, whose smile was equally as big as mine. "Were having a girl." I tell him, out of excitement. He nods his head and kisses me on the lips. It had been quite a big day for us. 


-24 weeks pregnant-

     A while had past since our doctor first told us we were going to have a little girl. We went back a couple of weeks later just to make sure it was correct, because it was a little early. The tests came back positive. We are defiantly having a baby girl. The name is still undecided, being as Harry was dead set on Darcy Anne Styles, but I was thinking towards Mardi Claire Styles. I didn't mind Darcy, I just felt as if our first baby should have been Darcy. But this was not our first baby. This was only the first one that we noticed. I still get really upset thinking about it. I am scared to death that it will happen again, and if it did I am not sure what I would do. I love this baby, love her with my entire life. 

     I was hanging around the room today. Doctor said I had to keep my legs elevated as much as possible. The boys were all around here to, some of them sleeping, some playing video games. Yea, they live a pretty exciting life while on tour. I was watching a movie when Harry and Louis came in our bedroom. "Get up." Louis shouts. "Louis, shut up. The doctor told me to stay elevated as much as I can." I yell back at him. Harry starts laughing and sits on the bed, pulling my hands into his . "What Louis means to, but doesn't have enough manors to say is, the rest of the boys and I are going swimming and we would like to know if you could join us." I think about it for a moment then say,"But Harry, I have a baby belly. I will look stupid in a bikini." He smiles and puts his hand on my belly,"I think you'll look adorable." 

     I give in a little later and decide to wear a bikini and a long t-shirt over it. I put on some flip flops and grab some sun screen and walk into the living room to find all the boys in swim trunks. "Ready?" Harry asks standing up and walking to me, grabbing my things where I won't have to carry them. It was hard enough carrying a giant belly everywhere. I nod and grab his hand, placing my other one on my belly. We walk out the door, followed by the other boys. 

     We get to the indoor pool a little later, I feel smart. There was no need for my sunscreen. Everyone except Harry jump right in and I sit on a lounge chair. Harry sits beside me and I say,"No, Harry. Go have fun, I will be fine I promise." "I don't want to leave you alone." Harry says, which makes me smile. "I promise you, I will be okay." I laugh at him. "At least come put your feet in." Harry says standing up and grabbing my hands. "But, Harry. Can't I just stay here?" I beg him and he just shakes him head and smiles at me. I give in once again and walk to the edge of the pool and slowly sit down, putting my feet in. Harry then climbs down the steps to the pool and walks over to me. 

     After a while they start playing some games and Harry walks back over to the boys. I kind of zone out and the next thing I know, my shirt is completely wet. "What the crap!" I yell and Louis starts laughing. The freak splashed me. "Oh, you've done it now." Zayn laughs. I groan and Harry playfully hits Louis upside the back of his head. He walks over to me and says,"Are you okay? I'm sorry, Louis is stupid." "I'll be fine." I mumble, trying to dry the shirt because it was uncomfortably sticking to my large baby bump. "Are you sure?" he asks, Louis walking up behind him. "I'm sorry Haley. I didn't know you would freak out that much." I just smirk at him, so stupid. He knew just how to tick me off the past couple of weeks, I feel so sorry for El, when ever she has kids she is completely doomed. I continue to fan my shirt and Harry says,"Just take it off, you look fine. We all see your belly anyways, its cute."

     "Fine." I mumble and grab the bottoms of my shirt and pull it off of my head. I lay it on the side, leaving me in a peach bikini, that tied around my neck. I slowly slid off the side and into the water. "Happy?" I asked and Harry bent down and placed a hand on either side of my belly, leaving butterfly kisses all over it. I smile and grip his hair on the back of his head with the fingers on my right hand. He picks his head up, looking up at him with a giant smile. He stands up straight and closes the gap between us, as close as possible, with my belly touching his. He leans down and his nose touches mine. "Just kiss me already. I mumble then bite my lip. He smirks at me then leans down, his lips touching mine, gently placing a long, slow kiss on my lips. When we pull away he rests his nose on mine once again. "I love you." I whisper to him. "I love you too." he replies. We stay like that for maybe a second, caught up in the moment, until Louis says,"I don't know about you all, but I'm ready to vomit." I smile and pull away from Harry. I turn towards Louis and splash him. "Oh, its on now." Louis says and begins to splash me again. "But, you wouldn't splash a pregnant woman would you?" "Oh, poor Haley. Don't you know me at all?" Louis laughs then splashes me again. That lasted until I got tiered and made me go back up to our room. 



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