Moments Of Impact

-Sequel to Wanna Be Loved. Read that one first.

Hey my name is Haley. In the past year I have gotten over the fact that my daddy died. Quit smoking and doing drugs, and most importantly fallen completely in love with Harry Styles. We are married now, and things are going great. But will they stay that way? Read Moments Of Impact, the sequel to Wanna Be Loved to find out if things remain the same? Or if they take a drastic turn for the worse.
-Haley Marie Styles<3


16. chapter sixteen.


     We went on tour on Friday. The flight was pretty smooth, as I just slept most of the way. We were going to tell Harry's mom today because she is meeting us in London. I was really excited to tell her and Gemma. I woke up and put on some skinny jeans and a tight long sleeve shirt, with a hoodie on top. I straightened my hair, and put on  makeup, along with some black UGGS. Harry was ready and waiting in the kitchen of our hotel room.  


     They showed up about an hour later. I was starting to get nervous but Harry helped out, calming me down. They both gave me hugs and then we all went and sat in the living room. "How are you?" Miss Anne asked, talking to both of us. "Good. Excited to be back on tour." Harry says and then she looks at me. "I couldn't be better. Feels good being back  around family." I smile at her. "That's good. we're happy to have you two back also." I giggle a little and we continue catching up, then watch a movie. 


     Harry and I didn't exactly know how we were going to tell them. It wasn't quite as easy for him to tell his mom all that had happened. Also this was the last people we would tell before management and the fans. "Do you want something to eat?" Harry whispers in my ear. "Maybe some pickles?" I whisper back and he laughs, I had been eating a lot of pickles lately. "I'll be right back." He whispers again then gets up and walks into the kitchen. Followed by Miss Anne.

- Harry's POV-

     I walked into the kitchen of our hotel room to get Haley some pickles. She used to not like them that much, but the past week she has been eating them all the time. I loved it. Waiting on her, everything she needed. She is so cute with her pregnant little belly. I love her and our little baby so much. My mom walked in a behind me after a couple minutes. "You seem happy." she says smiling, holding an empty tea glass. "I am." I smile back putting the pickles back in the refrigerator. "Pickles?" she asks raising her eyebrow. "Haley." I laugh and pick up the bowl. She smirks and nods her head and I walk out. I hand Haley the bowl and slide back in my place beside her, pulling the blanket that now covered her over us and laying my hand on her belly under the cover. 

- Haley's POV-

     I started eating my pickles, cuddled up to Harry in a blanket as his hand drew circles on my belly  under my hoodie and shirt. "Are you ready?" Harry whispered in my ear, nibbling on my ear lobe after. I nod my head and stretch up placing my bowl on the little table beside the couch. Harry laughs and pauses the movie making Gemma yell,"Hey, Harry. Why did you stop the movie?" I laugh as Harry says,"Gemma, just wait a second. We have something to tell you." I sit up a little in Harry's lap. "I think I know what your going to tell us." Miss Anne says, a giant smile appearing on his face. She looks at me and says,"Are you pregnant?" I wrinkle my eyebrows up and ask,"How did you know?" She smiles,"The pickles. When I was pregnant with Harry I craved them all the time." I smile and then Gemma says,"Wait. Your pregnant?" I smile and nod my head and her eyes widen and she shrieks. Harry wraps his arms around my belly and says,"Watch it. I heard baby's can hear every noise made. I don't want her getting annoyed with your shrieking." "Her?" I ask laughing at Harry. "No. I mean, I don't know. I don't like calling our baby it, and I think she's a girl." I shake my head and whisper," I think our baby's a boy." looking down at my belly. "Okay, calm down. You still have a while don't you? How far along are you?" "Fourteen weeks." "Aww. Are you showing any?" I laugh and nod my head,"Yes mam. it mostly looks like I have gained a little weight when I wear a hoodie tho."  Can we see?" she asks and I sigh and look at Harry. He smiles a big cheesy smile back at me. What is up with people wanting to see my belly? I pull the sleeved my hoodie and then the other sleeve, and pull it over my head. I pull the bottom of my shirt down and place my hand on top of it. Miss Anne smiles and I say,"You can touch it if you want. I don't mind, I'm used to it with the boys and Perrie, El, and Danielle." "Are you sure? I don't want you to be uncomfortable." I nod my head and motion for her to come over and sit by me. She places her hand on the middle of my belly and smiles really big Then looks down at my belly,"Hi baby. I'm going to be your grandma." I smile and look back at Harry. Finally seven people down, management and a million fans to go. 

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