Moments Of Impact

-Sequel to Wanna Be Loved. Read that one first.

Hey my name is Haley. In the past year I have gotten over the fact that my daddy died. Quit smoking and doing drugs, and most importantly fallen completely in love with Harry Styles. We are married now, and things are going great. But will they stay that way? Read Moments Of Impact, the sequel to Wanna Be Loved to find out if things remain the same? Or if they take a drastic turn for the worse.
-Haley Marie Styles<3


6. chapter six.

     I was back on tour with the boys a week later. I had tons of fun staying with Miss Anne and Gemma. I felt so much closer to them. We had been on tour for what felt like forever. Constantly moving from hotel to hotel, city to city. Okay, so it wasn't as bad as I make it out to be. I just didn't like when Harry never had time for himself, or in this case time for me. It is May now. It has been a whole year since Harry and I got married. Today was our anniversary. We both decided no gifts and we were going to spend the entire day with each other then tonight we were going out to eat together. 

     I woke up in Harry's arms, he was playing with the straggling hair that had fallen from my sloppy bun on the back of my neck. I rolled over and kissed him on the lips. "Happy anniversary, baby. I love you so much." Harry told me then kissed me again. "Happy anniversary, Harry. I love you." I tell him and roll him over so I am on top. We continue our little kissing session,(no I am not calling it making out because to me that means something a little more heated than the beautiful little moment of a husband and wife on there anniversary), until we decide to get ready a little early and go walk around looking at the sights because we are currently in Paris.

     I take a shower and blow dry my hair then let it do its own thing. I wear some skinny jeans and cream colored boots with a grey long sleeve shirt and cream fur vest. I also add a cream beanie then I put on my make up. Harry wears some dark khaki pants with a grey sweater and a pea coat that is the same color of his pants with a cream scarf. He took my hand and led me out of our hotel room and down to the lobby. We had a Starbucks built into the hotel so we decided to get some coffee and then we walked out to the streets of Paris. 

     The first thing he took me to was the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful. I was amazed and my mouth completely dropped at the size of it. The tower was freaking huge! Oh, and I can now saw that I have been kissed in front of the Eiffel Tower, and we got a random tourist to take a picture of it. Then he took me to the Paris Louvre Museum, it was packed. But the things we saw was beautiful. Not to mention, we saw the Mona Lisa, which both me and Harry don't understand why she is so popular I mean shes just a very ugly lady with no smile at all. The art work and the sculptures were incredible. It was so beautiful and inspiring. After we finally got out of the museum we went back to our hotel to get ready for tonight. Harry had reservations made at this restaurant for months now. 

     I took a shower and made sure to shave and wash my hair and all very well. I got out and blow dried my hair letting it be wavy. I put on a dress that Gemma helped me pick out when I was staying with them. It was strapless and black with silver sequins covering the whole thing except for a black belt right below my boobs. the back was sequined at the bottom and the top  crossed revealing my mid back. I wore some black pumps and put on my make up then Harry walked in. "Wow, you look beautiful." Harry said walking up to me and moving my hair to one side and kissing my neck. "Get dressed Harry." I laughed at him and he went to put on a grey tux with a vest and black bow tie. I love when he wears bow ties. 

     When we got to his car and he opened my door for me, I sat in the car and he shut it then walked around to his side and climbed in. He pulled off and I look at Harry and say,"Is this a good time to tell you I'm commando?" His head shoots to face me," What?" he asks looking at me like, are you serious? I laugh at his reaction and say,"Yea, Harry. I'm not wearing any underwear." He swallows really loudly and I laugh at him then turn and face the road. 

     When we got to the restaurant Harry came around and opened my door then lead me inside. "Table for Styles." Harry tells the waitress placing his hand around my waist. She walks us to a table and I sit across from Harry. We order some bread sticks and some kind of pasta and both get some wine. We start talking about meaningless things and then they finally bring us our food.

     When we finish eating they bring Harry the bill which he pays for then takes my hand and helps me up and we leave. We got back in his car and I leaned over and kissed Harry's neck. "Haley." he moans and I pull away. I laugh at him as he stares at me then asks," You were kidding earlier weren't you?" "Kidding about what?" I ask knowing what he meant but wanting to hear him say it. "You are wearing you underwear aren't you?" He asks turning to look at me. I start laughing and don't answer him. "Seriously Haley? Your just going to laugh at me?" he asks which just makes me laugh more. I grab his hand and pull it back in my seat and up my dress to where my underwear line should be, then move it back to the steering wheel. "Oh my God." Harry mumbles and turns back to face the road. 

     A little while later we get back to the hotel and Harry parks then opens my door and pulls me with him, into the building. When we get to our room he pulls me to the bed and I sit down as he takes my shoes off and throws them down. I scoot back in the bed and he crawls in after me. He reaches behind me and unzips my dress then I pull it off and throw it on the floor. Next I pull off his jacket and toss it to the ground. He kisses my neck and starts sucking on my sweat spot. I unbutton his vest and throw it down, followed by his bow tie. "Harry, your wearing to much clothes," I tell him unbuttoning his shirt. He laughs then just rips it open, popping the buttons off and throwing it to the floor. He lays me back on the bed and continues kissing all over me. I reach down to unbutton his pants and he pulls my wrist back up. "Harry." I moan annoyed. "Wait a minute." Harry laughs. Finally he lets me take them off, followed with his boxers. Since you know what happens next I am going to leave you hanging.... 

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