Moments Of Impact

-Sequel to Wanna Be Loved. Read that one first.

Hey my name is Haley. In the past year I have gotten over the fact that my daddy died. Quit smoking and doing drugs, and most importantly fallen completely in love with Harry Styles. We are married now, and things are going great. But will they stay that way? Read Moments Of Impact, the sequel to Wanna Be Loved to find out if things remain the same? Or if they take a drastic turn for the worse.
-Haley Marie Styles<3


9. chapter nine.

     I woke up in Harry's arms only this time I wasn't glad to be here. My entire body ached from last night. I pushed him off of me and he woke up. "Morning." he mumbles stretching. He leans down to kiss me but I push him away. "You know what if your going to act like this you can just get out. "I can't sit up Harry." I say attempting but it hurts. I prop up on the back of the bed and run my hands on my neck, feeling the slightly raised marks. "God, Harry. I'm so sore." I groan trying to pop my neck. He gets out of the bed and walks away.

     When I finally feel well enough to get up I change my clothes and pack a bag then walk into the kitchen, carrying my bag. "Where are you going?" He asks running after me. "I can't stay here Harry." I  shake my head and walk out.

- Harry's POV-

     That was the second time this week I let my wife walk put my door mad at me. God, Harry you messed up. I felt this desire to just kill Niall. How could he! One of my best friends! He was the cause of this. He kissed her first! 

     I left my apartment, heading to Liam and Niall's. When I got there Liam opened the door. "Where is he?" I yelled,"Where's Niall?" He moved out of my way and I walked through the house to find Niall sitting  the couch. When he saw me he stood up and started to try and calm me, until my fist hit his face and he hit the ground.

     "Harry!" Liam yelled and squatted down shaking Niall. "What was that for?" he asked me as Niall slowly came to. "He kissed her! He kissed Haley!" 


- Haley' s POV-

     It had been a few weeks since I last saw Harry. Harry, God I missed him so much but there was a part of me in the pit of my stomach that told me he didn't love me anymore. Why would he? After everything I put him through. I was still staying with Zayn and Perrie, but I could tell they aren't happy with me being here this long. I need to talk to Harry. I need to make him understand that I love him and it was a drunken mistake. Now more than ever. 



Hey. Y'all should be proud. I had two basketball games to cheer for and homework but I still managed to update one whole chapter and a small chapter. Sorry to leave you hanging. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. I will update as soon as possible!! 

Love y'all! 

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- Haley Marie Styles<3

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