Moments Of Impact

-Sequel to Wanna Be Loved. Read that one first.

Hey my name is Haley. In the past year I have gotten over the fact that my daddy died. Quit smoking and doing drugs, and most importantly fallen completely in love with Harry Styles. We are married now, and things are going great. But will they stay that way? Read Moments Of Impact, the sequel to Wanna Be Loved to find out if things remain the same? Or if they take a drastic turn for the worse.
-Haley Marie Styles<3


18. chapter eighteen.


     The hate died down after a couple of days. Harry was still mad, but I told him it was okay and that everything was fine so he needs to calm down and get over it because all I care about is him and our baby. I woke up at 1 in the morning and sat up in bed. I am always hungry now. It's crazy, I didn't know it was possible to ear so much. Harry just laughs at me, because I am always complaining about how much I am eating, but he keeps telling me," Baby, its okay. Your eating for two now." He is so nice about everything. He is just getting more and more excited about the baby every time we have an appointment, or got a sonogram. We are so anxious to feel our baby move for the first time! The doctor keeps telling us anytime now I will him/her move. I can't wait. Harry wakes up a couple moments later, because he heard me move. "Are you okay?" he asks, sitting up and pulling me into him. "Yea, I'm okay. I'm just hungry again. Go back to sleep. You've done enough for me today already, I can handle making myself something to eat." "No, at least let me keep you company." Harry says shaking his head, he is so stubborn sometimes. I got out of the bed and walked into the kitchen of our hotel room, followed by Harry.

     "Can I help?" Harry begs coming up behind me. I shake my head and go to the freezer and pull out some mozzarella sticks and put them in the over. "We are out of marinara sauce." Harry smiles at me, holding his head in his hands, sitting at the table with his arms propped on it. "I know." I laugh and walk to the refrigerator and pull out my jar of pickles. That's right. MY jar of pickles, forbidden to be touched by anyone, unless Harry was fixing me some pickles- which I told Harry and Louis quite often. "No, tell me your not going to ruin a good cheese stick." Harry fake begs. "Oh, but I'm not. I'm going to make it even better." I laugh back and grab a glass from the cabinet and pour pickle juice in it. "Your not going to dri-" Harry starts but stops as I smile at him and turn the glass up, taking a sip. "Ahh, that's just sick." Harry says and I laugh at him," Its actually really good." I put my pickles back up and when my mozzarella sticks are finished cooking I take them out and sit at the table and eat. "Your adorable." Harry smiles at me. "Funny, I'm a walking balloon who constantly stuffs her face. Adorable." "It's cute." Harry says, leaning back in his chair. He yawns and I shake my head and smile,"Harry go back to bed. I promise I will be fine." He just shakes him head. Why must he be so stubborn? 

     Harry washed my dishes when I finished, which I told him I could do myself. We went back to bed and Harry pulled my into him and pulled my shirt up and placed his hand on my belly. "I love you." I whispered, with my eyes closed. "I love you, two, too." He laughed and I tilted my head up to face him, leaning it back on his chest. I smiled really big and he bent down and pecked my lips. 

     I woke up around nine the next morning and got a shower. We had an appointment later today. I put on my first maternity dress. It was purple and had flowers around the top. It came to about my knees and showed my belly, which I now thought was cute. I curled my hair and put on makeup. 

     Harry and I ate breakfast with the boys and then we all decided to come back to our room. We all sat around the living room, Harry had his arm around me and the other hand placed where it was most of the time now, on my belly. He was determined to be the first one to feel our baby kick or move. We decided to play a game of would you rather, which should be interesting. 

     "Louis, would you rather.. have free starbucks for the rest of your life, or free itunes music?" Harry asked, starting it off."Starbucks." he answered and then asked Niall," McDonald's or Burger King?" "McDonald's? Niall answered then asked Zayn,"Would you rather never be able to look in a mirror again, or be cursed with perfect looks forever?" Zayn laughed," Perfect looks." Then he asked me," Haley, would you rather... have a whiny son or a bratty teenage daughter?" "Whiny son. He would hopefully grow out of it." I answered then said," I get Harry. Hmm..." I whispered,"Do I look better dressed or naked?" "I'm not answering that." Harry said shaking his head. "Oh, but you have to." I said smiling at him. "You look great both. Haley, Your always beautiful, no matter what you are or are not wearing." "Really?" I ask and he nods. I kiss him, holding my hands on both sides of his cheeks. "Awwh." The boys all say behind us. 

     That's when I felt it. Our baby moved. "Oh my God, Harry." I said, the edges of my face curling up into a giant smile, "Did you feel that?" "Feel what?" he asks and I place my hand on my belly. "The baby. It moved." I look up and Harry smiles really big. I pull his hands up and lay them on my belly. "It kicked!?" Louis shouted. I nod and look back at Harry. "I missed it." he whined and I laughed at him. "It will happen again. I promise." I laugh then lean back in and kiss him again. 



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