Hold Me Tight And Dont Let Go.<3


1. One Month Anniversary <3

Natalie P,O,V

I laid in bed with Justin his arms wrapped around my waist as i was playing with his right hand tracing from his finger knuckle to the end of this finger nail.A smile fell on my face as i realised that today would be our 1 month Anniversary of Being together. Me and Justin.Me and Justin.Me and Justin.lI looked up to see him fast asleep.He looks like an angel i was staring at him for a couple of seconds before i felt my body turn to jelly as i started giggling

Justin Stopp i said shoutting and laughing at the same time it was a good thing no one was at home because they would be thinking wed have been doing something different.

No he was just tickling me I was laughing so much i fell out of bed and Justin landed ontop of me i looked into his caramel brown eyes and i knew he was the one for me.My one less lonely boy.we was still laughing.

Natalie:Hey Justin yaknow what today is right?

Justin:um no whyI stared at him for a second before he reasurred me by saying how could i forget the day i met the love of my life.

The Girl of my Dreams.

My One Less Lonely Girl.

It's the day we first met.I still remember like it was yesrerday the way your hair flowed in the wind the way your smiled glistened against the sun the way your brown eyes shine brighter than the stars.

With That my arms wrapped around his kneck as my lips touched his his hands slid down to my waist causing me to smile and giggle at the same time.Me and Justin pulled away

 Justin: I Love You baby Girl

Natalie: I Love You Too Justin.


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