Paper Planes [NiallHoran]

"You played me," I mumbled softly, tears brimming my eyes. "You used me to make your ex girlfriend jealous!"
"I'm sorry Kaylie, I just-"
"I'd rather be a boy playing with paper planes then a man play with a woman's heart?" I scoffed, crossing my arms. "What lies have you cooked up?"
"Kaylie," he mumbled softly, looking down at the floor.
"I hope your happy, Niall Horan," I snarled, walking out the door.


2. I.

- Kaylie - 


"Hi Kaylie," my manager, Krista greeted. I smiled back at her. Ever since me and Niall broke up, the fans went crazy. I think they were happy. I got a recording contract with Krista Zimbler, and she had no idea who One Direction was, so no worries about her hiring me just because of Niall. 


"Hi Krista," I replied. Krista was always a second mother to me. My mum and dad weren't very supportive of my singing career, so they basically threw a tantrum, and kicked me out of the house. 


"You have a tour soon," Krista grinned, sitting down next to me. "You excited?" 


"I guess I mean, if I'm gonna be alone-"


"Who said you were gonna be alone?" she interrupted. I glanced to her, an eyebrow raised. She smiled back, before softly laying a magazine infront of me. And sure enough, there was One Direction on the cover. 


"What are you trying to tell me?" I chuckled. She pointed below, where an article was printed. 


Rumor has it, American pop sensation, Kaylie Renolds will be joining our band, One Direction for their world tour. A close source says "the boys are very excited. they've been big fans of Kaylie Renolds and has been supporting her music." It can't be just because of Niall Horan, can it?"


"Why'd they mention you and Niall?" Krista said from above me. My eyes snapped to her. I faked a smile, and shrugged. "I have no idea, Krista." 


"Hmm, okay. Hurry and go get ready, your gonna be meeting the boys," 

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