Hi, I'm Olivia Doss. I am 18 years old, about to turn 19, and I years old and I live in the U.K. I have long brown curly hair. My mom and dad died when I was young. My mom and my dad's parents both died. My parents were only chillds and so am I. I have only 1 cousin. His name is Harold, but people call him Harry. He lives in the U.K. too with his 4 friends. Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. Harry said that when I turned 19 I could move in with him. I'm 1 year older then him.


5. Chapter 5

Olivia's POV

"Harry, I know your mad, but you need to get over yourself. It's not a big deal." I told Harry trying to make him feel better. "No. It's a big deal." He said sniffling. "Harry, It's not the end of the world." Louis said trying to help me. "Yea, It kinda is." He said. "Harry it's just on thing, not your whole world." "This meant the world to me." Harry started crying. "Harry. It's one thing you barely knew how to use it." I looked at Harry who was wipping his tears. "Harry, it was a dang cat. So what it ran away. You couldn't feed it." He started crying again. Harry had gotten a cat from a guy in a van. Harry knew he can't have a cat after what he did last time with the last cat Louis got him. I mean it wasn't one in a van like he just had. That cat was annoying. (Sorry for the short chapter. I'll try harder with the other chapters.)

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