Hi, I'm Olivia Doss. I am 18 years old, about to turn 19, and I years old and I live in the U.K. I have long brown curly hair. My mom and dad died when I was young. My mom and my dad's parents both died. My parents were only chillds and so am I. I have only 1 cousin. His name is Harold, but people call him Harry. He lives in the U.K. too with his 4 friends. Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. Harry said that when I turned 19 I could move in with him. I'm 1 year older then him.


29. Chapter 29

Olivia's POV

I woke up in my bed safe and sound. I got up and headed towards the bathroom. I stripped down and got in the shower. When I was done I got out put a towel on and headed to my room. I stepped in my room and locked the door. I pulled out a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a red tank top with blue converse. I walked out of my room. I headed down stairs and I accidentally ran into Liam. I fell back and so did he. We looked at each other then bursted out laughing. "Are you okay?" He asked helping me up. "Yea. You?" I asked heading to the couch. "Fine." He said sitting next to me. I looked at him and he was already looking at me. He started to lean in. So did I. Soon enough we were kissing. I knew I had to stop before someone saw, but I was to late. I heard someone clear their throt. I looked up and saw Zayn. I pulled back looking at him. Liam turned around. "Did you see anything?" Liam asked. "Yea. But I won't tell Harry." Zayn smiled. "Thanks Zayn." I said getting up and giving him a hug. "Don't tell me what?" Harry asked coming down the stairs. I looked at him in shock. Liam stood up and came over by me and Zayn. "Uhh.....nothing." I lied. Harry looked at me with disbelive. "Zayn, what happened?" Harry asked. "I...uhh...heard Liam and Olivia planning...your surprise party. Now that you know, it's cancled." Zayn explained. Harry looked at me. "Aww." he said walking back up stairs. When he walked into his room we all started laughing. I stopped laughing when I heard someone say my name. "Guys, did you hear that?" I asked. They stopped laughing. "No." They both said. I went and sat down on the couch. "Oliviaaaa." I heard someone say. "Oh no." I said standing up. "What's wrong?" Liam asked. "He's here." I said running up the stairs. I ran straight into Harry's room. Liam and Zayn ran up after me. "Get Niall, Louis and Tom." I told Zayn. Zayn ran out of the room and came back with Louis, Niall and Tom. They all sat down. I got up and locked the door and shut the window. Then I sat back down on the bed with Harry. "What's wrong?" Harry asked outting his arm around me. "He's back." I cried. "Oliviaaaa." I heard again. I started crying harder. All the boys tried to comfort me. "Oliviaaa. I'm almost there my love." That time everyone heard it. They all sat on the bed protecting me. It was quiet. Then we heard loud pounds on the door. "Leave her alone!" Liam yelled. "Never." Zack said softly. I looked up from Harry's cheast and saw everyone was around me. "I think he's gone." Niall whispered. *BANG* Zack broke a hole in the door. I cried harder. Zack out his hand in the hole and unlocked the door. He pulled his hand out and opened it. "Zack stay away from her." Liam said getting up. Zack just laughed and pulled a gun out of his jacket. "No!" I yelled as Zack pulled the trigger.

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