Hi, I'm Olivia Doss. I am 18 years old, about to turn 19, and I years old and I live in the U.K. I have long brown curly hair. My mom and dad died when I was young. My mom and my dad's parents both died. My parents were only chillds and so am I. I have only 1 cousin. His name is Harold, but people call him Harry. He lives in the U.K. too with his 4 friends. Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. Harry said that when I turned 19 I could move in with him. I'm 1 year older then him.


10. Chapter 10

Olivia's POV

It was silent in the car. Liam broke the silence by sneezing. We all laughed at him and it continued to be silent again. My phone went off scaring the pee outta me. Good thing I didn't actully pee, I checked my phone. It was Harry. H: I'm sorry. O: For what? H: For over reacting. O: It's okay Harry, that's what makes you an annoying cousin, but I love you. H: :). His little smile was so cute. He always did that when I made him feel better weather it was a text or not. "Awkward." Louis said making everyone laugh. "Harry forgives me." I told them breaking the silence. "Good, but are we still meeting him at the studio?" Niall asked. I nodded. As we got out we heard yelling in the studio. We all looked at eachother and ran in. "Harry! Stop throwing stuff! This stuff ain't cheep you know!" We heard Simon yelling as we were in the elevator. We ran into the room to see Harry throwing stuff all over the room. "Harry!" I yelled walking to him. He looked at me then to Louis then Liam then Zayn then Niall then Simon who had a furious look on his face. "Uhh...... sorry." Harry said putting the thing in his hand down and sitting down. "Harry? What's your problem?" Simon asked him sitting next to him. "Well, it's because of what happened with Olivia and Louis." He told Simon. I looked down and I got a text. It was unknown. U: Is this Olivia? O: Yeah who is this? U: Meet me at the park and you'll see. I looked up and everyone was staring at me. "Are you okay?" Liam asked me. I nodded and walked out the door. I walked outside and their was freaking paperazzi. I put my hood up and walked out of the building. "Look there's Olivia!" Someone yelled. I looked up and the paperazzi were coming to me. Great! Not! It was sarcastic. They came up to me and I walked passed them trying to give them a hint I'm busy. "Olivia! Is it true that your pregnant?" That just set me off. "Who told you that?" I asked them hoping they'd answer. "Louis tweeted it a minute ago." One of them said. I looked around and decided to answer. "Yes. I am pregnant." I told them. With that I walked to the park. I sat on a bench close to the middle of the park. I was texting Louis when someone came in front of me. (Sorry if you don't like who it is, I just couldn't help it okay.) I looked up and saw an old friend of mine. I knew I looked like an idiot smiling. It was Tom. Tom Parker from The Wanted. (Please don't hate because I added him.) I got up and hugged him. "Oh my god Tom!" I almost yelled. "Stay calm girl." "It's not my fault." I told him pretending to pout. "How'd you get my number?" I added. "Well." He started. 

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