Nothing Will Keep Us Apart

Isabella is starting at a new school as a senior. Her whole life she was home schooled. When she starts at her new school she finds that her teachers are really attractive. Will she give in or will rules keep them apart.


3. Why Am I Falling for Them?


        I sat there in shock. I can’t believe I almost kissed my music teacher. Why? How? He must have known I was a student.

        “Now for your first assignment you will have to pick a partner. And practice a song to preform next week at the school assembly.” He announced. Liv and I immediately looked at each other.

        “If you need any extra help with your song or instrument you can stay after school or come in during the lunch period.” He said and looked at me. Oh god this was going to be a long year.

        “So what song do you want to do?” Liz asked me.

        “What about The A Team by Ed Sheeran?” I asked

        “I love that song!” she exclaimed

        “That’s great. I can play the guitar. But I need to learn how to play that song though.” I said

        “Mr. Styles can teach you.” She said raising her hand.

Great another afternoon with him. I really don’t want to have a crush on my teacher who is older than me. Although he does look surprisingly young.  Weird. I looked around the room and noticed there were only 8 people in the class, which means 4 groups for the assembly. Then Har-.. Oops Mr. Styles walked up.

        “What can I help you with?” He asked

        “For our song we picked The A Team by Ed Sheeran. But Bella doesn’t know how to play it on the guitar. Could you teach her?” she spoke up for me before I could get a word out.

        “Yeah. I would love to. Come to the music room after school and we’ll get started.” He said with a smile. Oh my. His smile made me melt. What is wrong with me!!!. The bell rang and I quickly got up and headed to my last class. History with Mr. Horan.

        I walked into class and sat down. Liv was also in this class with me. And a couple of her other friends that I got to know pretty well. When Mr. Horan finally came in he walked up to his front desk and introduced himself. He had an Irish accent. He wasn’t bad looking at all either. What is with me lately. Falling for my teachers. Maybe it’s because I have never had a real teacher it’s always been my mom. But still why was I falling for them. Then the bell rang. I texted my mom telling her I was staying after today and that I would walk home later. Now it’s time to go see Harry. I mean Mr. Styles.

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