Nothing Will Keep Us Apart

Isabella is starting at a new school as a senior. Her whole life she was home schooled. When she starts at her new school she finds that her teachers are really attractive. Will she give in or will rules keep them apart.


4. Practice and the Kiss


I walk towards the music room when my phone went off. It was Liv. I continued to text her when I bumped into someone. I looked up. He had the most beautiful blue eyes.

"Sorry." I said to him the walked off.

"Wait!" He yelled after me.

I turned around and he was running back towards me.

"Hi, I'm Cameron.” He introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Isabella but you can call me Bella.” I said back with a smile.

“I’ve never seen you around before.” He stated

“It’s my first day today. I’ve been home schooled all of my life.” I explained.

“Oh well it’s nice to meet you Bella. Here add your number.” He said handing me his phone. I handed mine to him too. I added my number to his and his number to mine.

“Well I got to go, but call me later.” I said handing him his phone back. Then walked to the music room.  I walked in and saw Mr. Styles sitting on a stool with a guitar, playing The A Team.

“Sounds good.” I said walking in closing the door.

        “Thanks.” He says with smile while looking up from the guitar and stops playing.

I placed my bag down onto a chair and grabbed a stool and dragged it over by him. I went and grabbed the other guitar and sat back down.

        “So here are the cords…” he continued on but I just stared into his gorgeous green eyes as he showed me the cords. God they made me melt! What is up with me lately. Ugggh. I just couldn’t look away. Then he looked up from the guitar. I continued to stare in his eyes and her stared in mine. He put his hand under my chin and led my face to his. This time there were no interruptions and I didn’t back away. He guided our faces together and our lips move so perfectly together. The I pulled away and rested my forehead on his and bit my lip. He smiled at me then sat up too. He continued to teach me the song. When it came to the chorus, I couldn’t quite get it right. Harry stood up behind me and wrapped his arms around where mine were on the guitar and helped my play the chorus. It sent chills down my spine. I still can’t believe I kissed my teacher!  Once I finally got it. He backed away and sat back down on his stool.

        “How old are you anyway?” I asked still in a daze from the kiss.

        “That’s kind of a personal question isn’t it?” He asked with a laugh.

        “I’m serious though, you look so young.” I confessed

        “Thank you and I’m 20. I graduated early, then got my diploma to be a music teacher pretty quick.” He explained.

        “Oh.” Was all I muttered out.

        “Well I have to go. It’s getting late and I still have to walk home. So I’ll see you tomorrow in class.” I said grabbing my bag.

        “I can give you a ride home.” He offered

        “No its fine. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.” I laughed.

        “Okay well see you tomorrow. Are you going to stay after again?”

        “Yeah. Well bye.” I said then walked out as he said goodbye 

Sorry it's not super long. What do you think about Bella and Cameron? Should they get together? Or her and Harry? If Cameron and Bella get together should Harry intervene? Comment below what you think.

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