Nothing Will Keep Us Apart

Isabella is starting at a new school as a senior. Her whole life she was home schooled. When she starts at her new school she finds that her teachers are really attractive. Will she give in or will rules keep them apart.


2. It Couldn't Be.


Once I got to the class which was actually in the auditorium, I sat down in the 3rd row.

        “Good Morning class. I know this is everyone’s first day. But we have a brand new student in our class today. Isabella would you please stand up.” Mr. Tomlinson stated. I stood up and awkwardly waved to the class then sat back down.

        “Okay so we are going to be working on……” Mr. Tomlinson continued but I just stared off. I mean he was really good looking. But what am I thinking I can’t have feelings for my teacher. After the class was done I check my schedule. English next. Great. I hate English. I know I speak it. But it’s just so boring. Once I got to class I walked in and saw someone standing at the book shelf. He looked very fit. And cute. Then he walked to the front desk. Omg he was my teacher. Great not again. Any ways I sat down in the second row third column. I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around.

        “Hi I’m Olivia. But you can call me Liv. Not to be mean but you look new. What’s your name?” Liv asked

        “Isabella. You can call me Bells or Bella. It doesn’t matter. And I am new.” I laughed

        “Well nice to meet you Bella. I can tell we are going to become great friends.” Liv said to me and I agreed and then I turned around.

English went pretty well. It wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. Mr. Malik mad it pretty fun.

 I had lunch after. I didn’t really know where or who to sit with so I headed to the music room. I set my lunch tray down onto the top of the piano and took a bite out of my apple then started to play the piano. If I happened to be good at something it was playing the piano. Since I was home schooled, I had quite a bit of free time. I took piano lessens and I cheered too. But I mostly enjoyed playing the piano. I sing a bit too. I continued to play until I was startled by someone taking.

        “You play beautifully.” I heard a voice say standing in the door way.

        “Thanks.” I replied then took another bite out of my apple.

        “How come you aren’t outside in the lunch area with the rest of the students?” he asked as he sat down next to me.

        “Well I’m new and I don’t really know anyone yet. So I came here.” I shrugged

        “Oh, well I’m Harry and can you sing me something?” he asked I could see his green eyes staring into my blue ones.

        “Erm well I’m Isabella and I’m not really that great of a singer, but what the heck.” I said looking around the room until I found a guitar. I stood up and grabbed it then sat back down next to him.

        “This is the only song I really have been practicing with an instrument so yeah.” I said starting to play.

One, two, three, four

Settle down with me

Cover me up, cuddle me in

Lay down with me, yeah

And hold me, in your arms

Your hearts against my chest

Your lips pressed to my neck

Falling for your eyes

But they don’t know me yet

With a feeling of forget,

I’m in love now.

Kiss me

Like you wanna be love,

Wanna be loved, wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love, falling in love.

I looked up and saw him staring at me.

        “You look beautiful.” He said cupping my cheek in his hand. He leaned closer to me. And before I knew it… the bell rang.

        “I’m sorry. I have to go.” I sad running out and throwing my lunch away. I made my way to history. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Calder. She was really nice. Lastly, I had music. I made my way to the music room I got there pretty fast, considering I already knew where it was. I sat down in one on the chairs and Liv sat next to me.

        “Hello everyone, I am the school’s new music teacher.” He announced. I recignized his voice. No it couldn’t be.

        “My name is Harry. But you all have to call me Mr. Styles.”

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