Nothing Will Keep Us Apart

Isabella is starting at a new school as a senior. Her whole life she was home schooled. When she starts at her new school she finds that her teachers are really attractive. Will she give in or will rules keep them apart.


5. Awkward Moment. But Maybe I do?


After practice I was walking home. I heard footsteps behind. I turned around and saw Cameron.

        “Hey.” I said.

        “Heyy. I saw you leave the school while I was leaving practice.” He explained

        “Oh cool. What do you play?” I asked

        “Football.” He answered

        “That’s nice.” I said.

        “Yeah, you should come to a school game sometime.” He said

        “Yeah that would be fun.” I stated. We continued to walk to my house. I kinda just lead the way and he followed. When you reached my house I was about to walk in but the he grabbed my arm.

        “I have to go. Sorry.” I said as he started to lean forward. I backed my head away a little bit. His lips were just centimeters away from mine. But I just couldn’t kiss him. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away.  

        “I’m sorry. I just can’t.” I explained. 

        “I thought you wanted me to.” He confessed

        “Yeah I guess I did. But I just can’t.” I explained

        “Why not?” he asked.

        “I- uh… I-I… have a boyfriend.” I quickly spit out.

        “Oh. Sorry. He is a really lucky guy then.” He said looking down at his feet.

        “Yeah. Thanks for walking me home though. I’ll talk to you later.” I said waving bye. He did the same.

        I can’t believe I told him I had a boyfriend. All I can think about is when I kissed Mr. Styles. Wait do I have feelings for him. Maybe that’s why I didn’t want to kiss Cameron. Hmmm. 

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