Last Thought

For IceCreamGirl and Chetna's competition. (; The Awesomest Competition Ever.


1. Last Thought;

I stare at the old family photograph, wondering what the hell happened to us - how did my world turn upside down? I carefully lay the photograph in the 'treasure box', as my older sister calls it. She's had it since she was little, always collecting her most precious memories. She hides it under the old bed in the basement, which is how I came across it.

I can hear my Mama's sobs and, quite frankly, they scare me. Her cries are so loud, that at any moment, he could find us. By he, I mean our Dad. His Mama, Ma as I called her, was recently murdered, sending him into crazy frenzies of hurting and killing. Just animals, normally. Until he decided to start hitting us.
Jasmine is trying to calm mama down, telling her that we'll be okay and survive as long as we stay hidden. Yeah right, I think to myself. I know that there's a better chance of survival if we all separate out. Not cram together in this dark, old basement. Besides, we may survive the day but, what about after that? He's gone mad. He'll kill us all before we can get out. For some reason, this fact doesn't bother me. I'm completely calm.

I hear the front door kicked in and mom chokes back a sob, trying to stay as quiet as possible. I'm the farthest away from the door, hiding under the bed. Mama had said it would be best to put the youngest the farthest away. I tried to tell her that I'm a big boy, now, nearly nine. But, she said that I had the worst chance against Dad and that, terrifies me.

The basement door opens and my dad makes his way down the stairs. I see part of him from my hiding spot, he has a smug look on his face. He walks toward the cabinet Jasmine's hiding in. He opens it quickly and she screams, a blood curdling scream. He takes the knife and cuts her, from what I can tell, on her neck. She drops to the floor. Tears start down my face, my sister was my best friend. Now, she's gone.

He starts to walk toward the bed and my heart speeds up. I feel my pants get wet and realize that I am so scared, I've peed myself. Before he can reach the bed, Mama comes out from the closet and starts to scream at him, to spare me and kill her. Fear kicks in for Mama, and the tears come down harder. He grabs a shot gun from the cabinet across the way. One shot. Two shots. Done. I no longer hear Mama's cries.

Dad reaches under the bed and grabs me by the shirt. The tears come down harder. He starts yelling, but I tune him out, thinking about Mama and Jasmine. He slaps me across the face, he grabs the knife and puts it to my throat.

At least I'll see Mama and Jasmine soon.

And that was my last thought.

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