In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


39. Trouth or Dare

The alarm clock beebed and I said:"Now"

I took out the Pizzas and served them, I did like 7 of them. We all sat somewhere in the living room.


"What do you guys wanna drink?" I asked, loud enough that everyone could hear me.

"For me a beer, if you have" Harry looked at me.

Liam answered for me:" Harry, she is 15!! Of course she has NO beer!!"

I looked over to them:"Actually Liam.. I've got. Who wants Beer?"

Liam looked at me shocked. Everyone else exepct Claudia, Alina, Liam and Sarah didnt raised their hands. Liam I knew he wouldnt drink alcohol, he cant.

"Same as usual" I asked Claudia, Alina and Sarah, they all nodded. "Liam what do you wanna have? Sprite?" He nodded and I made my way to the frigde.


I took 10 cans of Heiniken (sort of beer), 3 Sprites and 1 glass of red wine for Sarah.

"Vale are you sure you wanna drink beer, you are only 15, in england you werent allowed to." Liam asked me worried but I nodded.

"Yeah Liam, I am. You dont have to worry, I wont get drunk. And in Germany its allowed to drink 2 beer each evening from 14 on."


He shook his head and take a bite from his food. I opened my can, took a sip and watched over to Harry. Are we actually dating now?? No... We just know each other from today.

Next to Harry, there was Niall eating like a pig. I started to laugh and Sarah asked:"So... What do we wanna do??"

Louis, Eleanor, Harry and I shouted loud:" TRUTH OR DARE!!"


We all sat in a big circle on the floor. Sarah woulnt play, she hates the game, so she just sat behind me on the sofa. I sat inbetween of her legs, next to me Styles sat and on the other side there was Payne.


Shila and Tania started because they had to go soon:"So.. Harry" Tania pointed on him "Truth or Dare?" He replyed with Dare. They both whispered with each other and then Tania said out loud:" We Dare you to sleep over here at Vales and you have to cuddle with her in her bed the complete night."

Louis added smirking:" And you have to sleep like you always do."

Harry started to blush. And I shouted:"Waite.. I have to cuddle all night with a NAKED STYLES???"


They all started to laugh and when Sarah said:" C'mon Vale" She tapped me on the shoulder " Its not like you havent dream about it." Everybody laughed harder, I blushed a dark red, Harry looked at me shocked and Liam looked upset??

Payne stood up. I asked him were he wants to go and if everythings ok. He just said blunty that he's fine. Liar. What was wrong with him??


Tania and Shila made their way home, but before they thanked for the delicious food and Tania whispered to me:" Have fun with Harry" and whinked.

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