In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


46. tickling and blue eyes

"You wont!!" I warned him standing up.
"Oh yeah babe, I will!!" He smirked getting up from the bed, too.
I run around the room trying to dont make him catch me, but I didnt got it for long when we were back in the bed. Harry was laying on top of me his handss on my waiste. We stared into each others eyes for it felt like forever.
They were so beautiful. It felt like I could see his soul and he mine. 
No Valerie, thats NOT good. Stop staring into his eyes!! Don't fall again!! Especially not for Harold Edward Styles, he'd never love a girl like you anyway!! Stop!! I thought to myself.
I looked away. And he seriously did it! He tickled me!!
I laughed so hard.
I couldnt breath anymore.
"HAROLD PLEASE!!" I shouted. He was laughing hard too now. I took this as my chance and rolled him over. I was on top now. I sat on his lap while he was lying. I hold his hands beside his waiste. We were both laughing. My stomach hurt so much from all that laughing.
I scanned his face and then realised his eyes became a shining blue. "Harry.." I titled my head.
"Yeah? Something wrong??" He became serious.
"Your eyes.." I stared deeply. "They are blue, not the normal beautiful green, they are shining blue!!"
He laughed again:"Dont worry, my eye color changes, depends on my feelings"
"And witch feeling do you have when they are blue??" I asked curiously.
He didnt answered. So I called his name but before I realised something he grapped my neck and pushed me close to him and kissed me.
It was a passionate kiss as always. I complely forgot my question.
We rolled over, he was on top again. We kissed for a while till I got a message.
'Hey, are you alright now? I can't sleep, just to worried about you.. :// Hope didnt woke you up - Liam <3 '
Aww hes soo sweet I thought to myself.
'Yeah bravy, dont worry ;) BUt thanks your so cute!! C u hopefully tomorrow -Vale :*'
"Who disturb us making out??" Harry said a bit annoyed but also with a bit of fun.
"Just bravy" The curlied boy titled his head and I started to laugh.
"Liam" I explained, he laughed along with me. 
I looked a last time on my mobile, no new message. I saw the time and almost freaked out. It was 4am, I had school in 3 hours!! 
"Shit!! Harry, we need to sleep!! I have to wake up in almost 3 hours!!"
That guy just laughed, like seriously?? School is important for me!! Okei.. Not really but I cant miss today, I want to see the reaction of the others to my singing with 1D. 
"Harold, please. We really need to sleep, go make yourself ready in the bathroom while I change here."
"Okei, chill Azz, We both have school tomorrow. Simon said it wouldnt hurt if we'd take some lessons here. And I can also change here, just watch" He smirked at me, getting off all of his clothes. I forgot that dare. Why did they have to do that??

Hey guys, I wanted to ask if you actually want that I update this story, cuz it doesnt feels like that you like it, so if you dont wanna I will just stop.

your vale xoxo

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