In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


49. The hope died.

I woke up in the morning by the alarm of my mobile. It played a message claudia recorded so that I can wake up.
"Good Morning sweety, Its time to wake up, you have school" She said quiet and sweetly but then...
"VALERIE WAKE THE BEEP UP!! DONT THINK TO DITCH AGAIN!!! U HAVE SCHOOL!! NOW GET THAT FAT ASS OUT OF BED!!" She yelled. I always laughed while getting up. It was a funny and nice day when we decided to record it.
Always when Claudia, Sarah, Regina, Natalija and I are together, the dumpest things get out of our mind. When Alina was there the things always get dumper. But she wasnt often there so our manly clique was Claudia, Sarah, Gina (Regina), Nati and I.
I wanted to stand up, but I was locked in Harrys strong arms. I can't understand how he couldnt have woken up to that yelling. I turned around and kissed him all over his face, jawline and neck, hoping he'd get then up, but it didnt worked. I shook him, but he still didnt stand up.
Then I got an idea. I know it'd be really mean from me, but I have no other idea how to get him up.
I pulled my hand under the covers. I slowly strocked them over his nacked body. Arrived at his V-line I just had a small way still to do. I wanted to grap his dick, hoping he'd finally wake up then but he has alredy woken up.
"Could u please wake me up before you give me a hand job" I heard his husky morning voice.
I felt his chuckling on my chest.
I giggled:" I thought you were sleeping, I thought you'd wake up then. But now that your awake, can you please let me stand up?"
"Oh silly girl, I'm awake since that sweet kisses all over my face." He eyes were still closed as I watched at his face. His cute dimples were shown.
"Why didnt you stopped me?" I asked.
"Why should've I?? I liked it!!" He opened his eyes finally, showing his pierced awesome sparkling green eyes.
Harry was the first guy I liked with green eyes. Normally I always used to like boys with Brown ones. But this eyes were just so, so. There are no words how beautiful they are.
I laughed and wrapped myself out of his arms.
I got up and stipped down to my underwear, I had no bra on, cuz I hated it to sleep in bras, its so uncompfortable. I didnt even thought that I should've better got out of that room to change. I felt Harrys eyes stare on my body. I was showing him my back. I put on my shirt and before I could put on my sport-bra Harry interrupted me.
"I didnt know you have Tattoos." He spoke with his voice that alredy changed a bit back to normal.
"Yeah, I have 3" I answered him.
"I just can see 2. But what stands the moon for?" I had a moon on my back, just before my butt. 
"My sister and I always wanted a tattoo, we once thought about witch kind of we wanted and we both wanted to have one there. And I was always the girl that lived at night, when the moon was there. My sister was the girl that always lived at days, when the sun was shining. So she got there a sun and I got a moon. I know its kinda stupid." A tear rolled down my cheek at the thought of my sister.
"It isnt stupid, its sweet. And what about the tattoo on the neck?" He asked, knowing there was something with my sister.
"It says: Pray, Believe & be a Fighter. My Brother always told me this before he left."
I said putting on my sport bra and my sweatshirt.
"Where are they now??" He asked quietly.
"They both left. My sister left when she was 22, she had a big fight with my Father, that is just her Step-dad. She didnt wanted to know anything anymore about my dad, our mum, my borther and me. When my brother got older and he was 16, he left also. He couldnt stay here anymore. He left me here behind. But in that night, before he left, he said that to me. I know he coulndt take me with him. But I always had the hope he'd come one day back and save me, but this happened 4 years ago." I closed my eyes and turned.
"Now get up and change" I throwed him some old school clothes of my brother."Be careful with the clothes, please. Do you want a Cappucino?" He nodded. 
I could see the tear rolling down his cheek.
I got out of the room and got slowly into Rauls room, okei actually its mine, but he's sleeping in there.
"Hey" I whispered.
"Hi kleine." He smiled rubbing his eyes and sitting up.
"Do you still have to call me like that?? You know I'm not small anymore." I wanted act annoyed but I liked it when he called me like that. It was like a thing just between us, as best friends.
"For me you'll always be 'meine kleine' and you know that exactly." He said smiling big at me.
I huged him and in that moment he understood there was something wrong.
"Whats wrong sweety??" His beautiful smile he had faded.
"I miss them.." I faced the bed. 
The blond guy knew me soo good, he knew exactly who I was talkin' about.
"I know.. I whish I could say you shhouldnt give up the hope, but  4 years past now. Your brother wont come back. You have to face the fact he left you here all alone with your parents. Your sister doesnt even wants to have contact with you either, just cuz of that stupid fight with your parents. And your Grandpa will always be in your heart, you know that. He always watches you from the sky." He smiled me a sad smile.
"I know, I know. The hope that they'll come back is gone. But what if he'll come back one day?? What if my sister one day will contact me?? Grandpa wont come back I know that. But he always said:"Never say Never". But right now I'm gonna say Never. My brother will NEVER come back to save me from this creatures that people call my parents. My sister will NEVER want to have contact me with anymore." I said tears rolling down my cheeks.
What is wrong with me?? I'm crying so much since Harry and the other bandmates are here.
The blue eyed guy that tried to make me realise what the truth is gave me a big and warm hug.
I stood up and asked if he wants to come to school with us and if I should make him a Cappucino too.  
He nodded to both and I exited the room. I realised Harry standing at the door frame looking at me sad.
I put two cups under the Cappucino-machine and started it.
"You heard?" I crossed my arms infront of me looking at the floor and leaning against the cupboard.
"Yeah.." He shyly gave me a sad smile.
Why does everybody give me a 'sad' smile?? I hate it when people are sorry for me!! I hate it when I'm in the middle. I hate it when people are talking about me. I hate just everything.
"Stop... please." I shook my head still looking at the ground.
"With what??" He titled his head.
I completly ignored his question. I put sugar into the Cappucinos and gave him one.
"You look hot in our school uniform." I smirked at him. 
The green eyed tall boy put his cup on the table.
"So you wanna say I dont look hot without??" He smirked and wrapped his strong arms around my waiste and kissed my neck.
I giggle, drinking my Cappucino."Stop!! Raul is awake."
Just in that moment my best friend got out of his room in his clothes.
"Sorry that I interruped you. I'll go to school, see you later guys." He waved his hand and got out of my house with his school bag.
"We should go too. C'mon" I got my school bag, my mobile and the keys.
Styles fastly drank his Cappucino and run after me. Just some seconds later he realised it wasnt such a good Idea drinking a Coffe fast.
I just laughed at him. He is like a small boy that I have to look at. Without thinkin' about the things we did this morning and yesterday.

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