In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


18. Roberto

Natis P.O.V.
While Vale was helping Harry with his problem Liam and Sarah came.
"Nati. Hey. What are u doing here?? I thought u were in Nigeria." Sarah asked me, exicted to see me here.
"Haha, Hey :) No, my parents allowed me to come over, to meet Louis." I smiled.
"Yeah, My Carrot Princess just came here for me." Louis said and kissed my cheek.
He was soo sweet. I cant believe that we are dating.
"Oh, So u are dating??" We both nodded.
"Have you seen Valerie??" Liam asked worried.
"Yeah, she is in the toilet with Harry" Louis and I laughed, but Liam looked really worried.
"What are they doing together in the toilet???????"
Liams P.O.V.
"What are they doing together in the toilet???????"  I was REALLY worried. They arent having.. ?? Oh God.. Please make that they arent. I dont wanna see my small sisters Heart broken. If Harry brakes her Heart, I will KILL Him!!
"Dont worry Liam, I dont think they are having sex. I know Valerie is maybe a small bitch, but she wont have Sex with an guy that she isnt dating since at leat an half year." Sarah said tring to calm me down. She is her best friend, she should know her right??
"Are u sure Sarah?? With Roberto she had a lot of Sex, even after that he broke her Heart" Nati said and I become worried again. But who is Roberto?? 
"Yeah I know, but she just loved him. She was blind of Love. And she had alredy a lot of Sex with him when they were dating. But she started 1 year after they were together. She trusted him. She likes Harry and she thinks he is hot, but she wont have sex with him now. Trust me Liam, I know her longer and better then Nati." 
" I hope so. But who is This Roberto??" I was curious who he was, even I was still shocked that my small sister alredy had sex. She was just 16. Okei, I started with 13 but she is my small sister.(Idk if Liam really started with that age) And that she is a small bitch like sarah says.
"A really long story" Nati said.
"But I wanna know who it is."
"Vale was 3 years ago very fat and not as beautiful as she is now. Everybody made jokes about her. And there was this guy, called Roberto. She fall in love with him at first sight. She was REALLY in love. He was just making jokes about her like the others did. She was hurt a lot. But she didnt wanted to give up, so she worked hard to loose waite. She lost like 20kg in 6 Months."
"Wow.. This is a lot."  Louis and I said shocked.
"Yeah.. She was really in love how I said. Whatever. She stardet to become beautiful. And how you know, She is Beautiful. And after she had loosen weight, Roberto asked her out. But he wasnt in love with her. He just wanted her body. Something she realised to laite. They were together 2 years. After 1 year that they were together she  trusted him and had sex with him. They had a lot of it. She was a small  bitch, but she was in love with him and she tought he was with her too. But in all this time he cheated on her, but she had no idea what was going on. A-" Sarah still wanted to say something but Vale came.
"Hey, what r u talking about??" She smiled.
Louis wanted to say Roberto but Nati cutted him off:" Nothing, How is Harry?? Did u solve the Problem??" She faked a smile in her face. Sarah and I tried too.
But I was just shocked. WHen I would see this Roberto I will Kill him. Nobody deserves something like that. Especially not my sister!!

Vales P.O.V.
I came back and saw Liam and Sarah with them.
"Hey, what r u talking about??" I smiled.
Louis wanted to say something that began with R but Nati cutted him off:" Nothing, How is Harry?? Did u solve the Problem??" Nati, Liam and Sarah faked a smile.
I did like I didnt knew that they may talked about my ex-boyfriend ROberto. I hope they didnt. I dont want Liam and Louis to know. I just want to forget him and nevver think anymore about him.
"Yeah" I continued smiling.
"How?? Did u help him like I think you helped him?? " Louis asked laughing.
"No Louis, I had no Sex with him! He is masturbating right now, he will come when he finished." I laughed.
"Waite.. What?? What happend??" Liam was worried but we told him about what happend and I calmed him down.
"But Vale.. U like Harry right??" Sarah asked me.
"How do u mean that??" I knew how she mean it, but I acted stupid.
"You know how I mean it. Dont act stupid as usual." She really knows me."Do U love him??"
"I dont know.. I think so.. But I dont think he feels the same for me and I dont wanna be hurt again. Btw, I know you guys talked about Roberto bevore right??"
"Yeah.. Sorry" Sarah replied with an a bit sad face.
"U dont have to be, I dont love him anymore. I noticed what an Asshole he is. I am just happy you guys were always there for me even if I wasnt listening to you about him. You were right and I am sorry I didnt listen. But thank you that you guys helped me to get over him." I said and huged them. And Alina came just in the middle of me talking. I huged her, too, of course.
"Valerie, I dont wanna that u get hurt again, But I know Harry likes u a lot.
Harry came back and looked really satisfied.

Harrys P.O.V.
"Harry can we talk??" Liam asked me. Oh god, I am afraid.
"Yeah" I replied and we walked outside.
"Harry, Normally I wont trust you, because u treat somethimes Girls like bullshit. You are a Player. But I know this time its different. I know you like my sister a lot. How u look at her and everthing. You are in love. This time for real. I can see it. I will trust yoou with my sister. Forget about the no dating sister rule. But only this time. If you hurt her, Dont forget. I will cut your dick off!!" Liam smiled at me. Did he really said that??
"Waite.. Are u serious?? Did you just said I can date ur sister??" I know how protective Liam with the person he loves is. And he knows how I am normally with girls. So he must really trust me a lot, if he lets me date his sister.
"Yeah, but dont hurt her."
" I wont, I promise!!" I was soo happy. I just wanted to go to her and kiss her.

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