In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


32. One month without my Parents

Vales P.O.V.
"Hey, dont you have a Volleyball match today??" Liam asked.
"Oh shit, I compleatly forgot it. Whats the time??" I was panicing.
"Its 3:45pm." Liam said.
"Oh, good, then I have still time." I calmed down.
"Dont u have to be there at 4pm??" Raul asked. He knew everything what has to do with me.
"Yeah, in 5 min i'm ready" I whinked at them.

Harry:"Are you serious??"
Me:" Yeah.. Why its so strange??"
Harry:"Umm.. Maybe cause you are a girl.." Harry said like it was the mos obvoiuos thing in the world. Okey, yeah its obviuos I am a girl, but what has this to do with how long I need to make myself ready.
"And??" I asked.

"Normally all girl need like an hour to make themself ready.." He answered. Thats true, all my friends need long and even I ask myself why they need so long.
"But she is not normal, how you saw she is a REALLY good player in Black Ops 2, she didnt chated like you, but still won" Raul answered for me.
I nodded.

"The best girls are a diffrent." Liam complimented me.
"But I am also crazy" I added.
"U didnt seem crazy till now, you seem more shy." Hary said.
"You will find out later on if we become friends." I said.

"We arent friends yet??" Liam said looking sad.
"I thought so, normaly friends follow each other on twitter, have each others numbers amd hang out a lot "
Liam"We hang out the complete day and I would love to chill more often with you. Now give me your twitter, your e-mail and your number!!"

I laughed and saved my number in his phone, he saved me as 'Valerie <3' Harry saved me as Vale ;)
I told them my twitter and they imidiatly followed me.

I changed and put on my favourite chucks, they are red. They gave me good luck when I was plaing. I needed good luck at this game, against the ICS we always lost.
Maybe it is because we only have 2 good players. The rest didnt really liked it, they just did it because they wanted to meet new guys at the matches against other schools.

Sarah and I did it because we had fun plaing it. Its not that I want to seem in love with myself or whatever, but even our trainer says it, that Sarah and I are the only two who really play it good and that we are the only one who really have fun plaing it. We just love it.


"Zayn just called me, while u were changing. I have to look for him, can we meet at the place??" Liam said.
"Yeah of course."
"Liam ask me to go with him, to meet Zayn. Is it ok with you, if I go??" Raul asked.
"Yeah sure, I know how much you would love to meet him"

"I will stay come with you, Azz" Harry said.
"Azz??" I titled my head.
"My nickname for you. If you dont like it-" Bevore he could finish to speak I cut him off:" No no, I like it. C'mon lets go bevore I am late, I still have to practise bevore the game. It start at 4:30 between." I whinked at Liam.
" Till then we will be there, Bye" Liam said and left my house with Raul
"Bye" Harry and I shouted.

Just when we wanted to go out, my parents came home. They told me that they are going for one month for something like a Honey Moon, to make things right. They didnt wanted to fight anymore and I was sad that I couldnt spend Chrismas with my Family this year, but it was cool at the other side.The special thing about Chrsimas was that it is the almost only evening where they dont fight.

They also said that Tania and Shila (really good friends of my parents, Tania more of my mum and Shila more of my Dad, but they were like my best friends that are older.) are going to watch sometime for me.
I really liked them, they were like my other mums. I could talk about everything with them. I didnt even talk about boys with my mum, I talked with them.

I nodded and made my way to the volleyball place with harry, while my parents were packing their things cause they were leaving alredy tonight.


Sorry guys that it took so long for this chapter, but I had a lot to do in the last days. 

I haven got a lot of time in the next few weeks so I thought about if someone would like to be a co-author to this story, but the person isnt allowed to post bevore he showed me and I told what I think about it.

If anyone is interested contace me:

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Love you guys :** <3 

Ps: Hope you liked the chapter :)

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