In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


41. Liam you just miss her!

Liams P.O.V.
I saw her kissing Harry and it hurt. I closed the door of the kitchen, took my jacket and just wanted to go out when Sarah asked:" Where are you going?"
"Just get something from the car" I faked a smile. I hated it to lie, but I dont needed anyone to talk with right now.


Vales P.O.V.
"I think I should talk with him, he looked kinda shoked and I think its better if anyone knows about us" I said to Harry and he nooded.
I went to the living room to search for him, but he wasnt there. Everyone else was still playing the game.

"Wo ist Liam?" I whispered to Sarah. (Where is Liam)
"Er hat gesagt er holt was, aber er hat gelogen, du weist ich kann das erkennen, jedenfalls sah er wütend und traurig aus." (He said that he goes to get something, but he lied, you know I notice when someone does. However he looked angry and upset.)

Sarah answered me and I went out. I didnt had to search for long, he sat on the stairs just infront of the entrance.
"Liam.." I whispered and sat next to him, but he stood up.

"I thought this was OUR date today, not yours and Harrys. I thought.. However, I will go. Bye!!!" He shouted at me and turned away from me and unlooked the car.

I pulled at his arm and turned he to me:" Liam, first of all dont shout at me!! And second I didnt know that it was a date!! Stop acting like a jeaouls boyfriend. We just know each other since this morning. WHat is your problem??" I tried not to shout  to loud. I've never thought Liam could react so.

"My problem??" He became louder"My problem ist that you kissed him HIM HIM HIM and not.." His voice became lower and cracked at the end.

"And not??" I whispered.
"And not me.." He mumbled. I huged him. He wrapped his strong arms around me and holded me tightly at him.
"So you think you like me?" I said.
"No.. I know it!!"
"Liam.." I sat on the stair "I dont think you really like me. You just want to."
"How do you mean that??" He titled his head.

I patted the spot next to me and he sat down." I dont believe in love at first sight. I dont think someone can like somebody in just one day and we just met this morning. Liam.. You just need someone with you. YOu just broke up with Danielle. You first need to get over her. "
He shook his head."No Its not like that. I really like you!" Urgh.. Why dont he wanna understand. How can I make him understand??? I've got an idea!!


I watched in his eyes. They were actually really nice. Vale stop thinking that! I put his head in my hands and leand in to Kiss him, but he turned his head.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"What does it look like? I wanted to Kiss you!" I said like it is the obvioust thing in the world.
"Why?? You are with Harry, not with me." His voice craked a bit and his eyes started to water up. Could it be that he really likes me??

I will know it when he let me kiss him. "No, Liam I'm not with Harry, we just did it like. I dont know, we just kissed. I even asked him before you entered. And I want to show you that Im right. If you feel butterflies in your stomach and if its like a Firework is around us and were the only two in the world, then you were right. If not, Im right. Okay?" I never had this kind of Kiss, but I described it like the Kiss with Harry in my Dream was.

Payne nodded and I leaned in once again to Kiss him. But this time he let me. Our lips slowly moved in sync. It wasnt a bad kiss, but it wasnt like with Harry either. The kiss with Harry was full of lust and the one with Liam was like an akward kiss with your best friend at a Party.

I pulled away and asked him what he felt.
"Wasnt like with Dani, not that it was bad, but-" I put my finger infron of his lips, to make him stop to speak.
"Liam, I know what you mean. I told ya, you miss her." He nodded and we stood up and walked back into the house.

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