In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


7. In the car

Vales P.O.V.

I sit down behind the passenger seat, in the middle was Liam and Sarah sit next to Liam, behind Harry.

Liam started to ask me lot of questions: "So.. what r ur Hobbys??"

"Hmm.. I have a lot.. I like to Sing, Dance but i can't do it really good. I like to Draw, write Storys, play ps3, play Volleyball and take pictures, too."

"What r u saing Vale?!?! U can sing and Dance!! Ur really good in it!!" Sarah shouted.

"Wow.. I think I should hear u sing or see u dance once. " Liam said smiling. "Why not now?"

"I dont like to sing alone.. and when we will go to a party u will see me dance anyway"

"Sarah and I can sing with u" Alina replied. "I dont know.."

"C´mon, C´mon" Sarah and Liam sang. Hahaha they would be a cute coupple.

"Okeii.. witch song do u wanna sing??" I asked Alina and Sarah.

" U decide" Alina said not thinking.

" What about Du bist Scheisse (a german rap song) by Sido? Its one of my Favourite songs.."

"NOOOO!!" They both shouted "Not a german rap song!!"

" Then u should decide" I answered annoyed.

"I think it would be better so.." Sarah replied " What about I cry by Florida, so vale can rap"

" Somebody that understands me, Thank u sarah" I said.

"Okei.. we will sing the refrain and Vale raps the rest" Alina said and we stardet rapping and singing.

" Wow u guys can sing really good and Vale.. WOW... U can rap really really good, but i wanted to hear u sing.." Liam said and I blushed.

"I dont know.. I-" Bevore I finished Harry cut me off

"C`mon, C´mon.." he sang " Do it for me.. please"

I blushed: " Okeii.. But just cause I like you.. U decide witch song I will sing"

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