In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


27. I want to die.

Liams P.O.V

I put my hands on her waiste and pulled her closer to me. I brushed my lips at hers. I didnt really realised what I just did.

" But it looks so sweet" I said and took my hands away. Putting a stringht behind her ear.

"Liam, I said stop." She smiled so cute.

I took a step back and ran my fingers trew my hair:"Em.. Vale.. I know we ust met today.. But I kinda like you.. Do you wanna do something together today??" Watching at her hopefully.


Vales P.O.V.

"Sure I would love too!!" She said smiling " But I have a Volleyball-match against the ICS this afternoon" She looked sad at the floor.

"Can I watch??" I said smiling.

"Yeah, but I am not a really good player. I just do it for fun."

"Like singing??" We laughed.

"Yeah.." She blushed.


"So, school finishes soon, right?? Do you wanna go to have lunch together?" I looked at her deeply into her eyes. She has this cute freckles on her almost red, from blushing, cheeks.

"But this isnt going to be a date right?? I mean you've got a Girlfriend.." She looked sad.

"I had.. We broke up some months ago. And if you dont want it to be a date, it doesnt have to be one" I didnt wanted to think about her after what she did to me.

"Sorry, I didnt wanted to make you sad. But there is this small problem.." She said and I became worried. Does she has alredy a Boyfriend??

"What kind of problem??" I asked nervous, tring not to let her notice.

"I am going for lunch with my parents and friend to the clubhouse. Would you like to come with us??"

"I would love too" I said 'As long as I am with you' I thought.

"Okei.Then lets go" She smiled.


I thought we are going to drive to the place but it was just like almost beside the school. The camp wasnt really big.


Vales P.O.V.

We all made our way to the clubhouse, even Zayn was there. He wasnt really ill. He just couldnt speak. And if he cant speak, he cant sing.


"Hey Mum, Hey Dad.. This is-" I smiled but bevore I could finish to speak my parents cut me off.

"U guys are One Direction or somthing like that right??" My Dad asked.

"Yeah right." They all said together.

"You have to be Harry Styles and you have to be Liam Payne" My Mum said ponting on them.

"Yeah right, how do you know?? You hear at our music, too??" Harry asked.

"No, Vale just had so many posters of you two in her room. Is filled up just with you 2. She just talkes about you, especially Harry. She even wrote a story about you guys." My mum said and I tought it couldnt become worse, till my dad spoke.


"Oh, just watch at her mobile, its full of pictures and videos of you. The most of them are shirtless. Can you believe this, a 15 years old girl talks with her vater about how sexy and hot Harry Styles, Liam and you others are. But especially Harry!! She is like: Harry Styles Harry Styles Harry Styles, Liam Liam, Harry Styles Harry Styles, Liam, Lusie or something like that, Harry Styles is soo sexy, Liam has got this damn hot voice.. BLA BLA BLA." And everybody laughed expect of Liam and I. Liam looked a bit sad and I just looked at the ground and wanted to die.


"Is this true Vale?" Harry asked me, still laughing.

I didnt answer, so Alina did for me:" Yeah, she does it even with us." She took my samsung galaxy tablet and showed them the picture that I have as Desktop. It was so emberassering.

"What?? It is true.." I said blushing at the ground.

"Haha, Thanks.." Liam and Harry said smiling at me.


While laughing we all sat down. I was sitting inbetween of Liam and Harry.

Liam asked me:" So you wrote a story about us??"

"Yeah, kind of. I just love it to write storys.." I looked down at my hands.

"Wow, you'e got a lot of hobbys. Theres just missing that you love to dance and play video games. Then your the perfect girl for me." He laughed sarcastilly.

"Actually.." I laughed.


"What?? You play Video games and love to dance???" He looked shooked at me.

"Yeah. I tought we could go later to my house and play Black Ops 2?"

"Are you serious?? I would love too." He said smiling.

"Hey, are you talking about Black Ops 2 or did I hear wrong??" Harry stopped talking with Sarah and looked at us.

"Yeah, we are going later on to play it, wanna play with us??" I asked.

"I would love too!! But I dont think its such a good idea.!" Harry said looking a bit sad.


"Why??" I asked worried. I wanted him to play with us.

"Cause I will win!" We laughed.

"Yeah, of course. You have nerver seen her play." Sarah said. I played a lot and I was spending a lot of time with Sarah, too. So mostly I was plaing while talking to her.



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