In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


17. Harrys Problem


Vales P.O.V.

Nati and I were laughing really a lot, when Louis came back. He sat next to Nati and kissed her on the cheek, while she blushed. They looked so cute together, they r really in love *-*

"Hey, welcome back. So have you seen Harry??" I said and he nodded.
"How is he?" Nati asked and we laughed so hard.
"C'mon I know you both know what happend. I need your help, Harry has a big Problem" Louis said seriously.

"And Why should I help him??"
"Its your fault, that he has this problem now. Please go help him, he is in the toilet."
 "Okei, waite here." I rolled my eyes and stood up making my way to the boys restrooms.

The door was locked so I said: "Harry, open the door. Its me Vale. Louis send me to help you. I know what happend. At the end its my fault, so open my door. If not I cant help you"

Harrys P.O.V.
Vale was at the door beging me to open the door. I didnt wanted her to know about my problem, but she alredy knew, because Louis told her.. -.- So I opened the door.
She came in and stared at me. After some secunds she bit her bottom lip. Was she turned on?? Normally when she was, she bit her bottom lip, at least thats what I do, when I'm.

Vales P.O.V.
When I entered, I just had to stare at his dick. He was wearing pants, but his usual skinny jeans so that you could see his booner easier. It looked big! I didnt wanted to, but I seriously thought about having sex with him. Just at that moment I realised how many muscles he has. His abs, his body just.. Oh god. He was REALLY hot. I always knew he is, but this isnt like in pictures. I'm standing infront of him and thats different, much hotter!!

"What??" He brought me out of my thoughts.

"Huh?? Oh.. Nothing" I answered.

I still had to stare there. He noticed and turn around:" Stop staring there, please! Its alredy embarassing enough.!"
"I wasnt" I devented me. He watched at me with the 'C'mon, we both know you were' 


"Okei, so why do you do such a big problem because of it?? Why dont you just have a one nights stand with a hot chick here in the club??" I asked him, tring not to stare still there and think about it.
"I cant" He answered a bit sad.

"Why??" I was curious.
"First of all, I cant go out like THIS and 2. I cant just have sex with an chick."
"Why?? I thought U did it alredy often??" I was confused.
"Yeah, but.. Please dont let me tell you now in this disgusting toilet."

"Okei, then just masturbate."

"Why didnt I thought about it by my own. Thank you" He sleppt his forehad.
"No problem, u know I would do anything for you" I smiled.
"Anything???" Harry asked smirking.
"HARRY!! Just that not" I shouted.

"Calm down, was just a joke." We laughed.
"Okei, I will leave you then. See you when ur finish."
I went out and made my way to the others.

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