In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


42. Dont do that Curly!!

We still played some rounds of Truth or Dare.
It was this time Zayns round:"Hmm.. Harry... Truth or Dare?"
Of course Harry answered again with Dare. Zayn thought like minute then whispered it to Harry. I dont know why he just said it loud. I mean at the end we have to see him doing it but whatever.
Harry looked shocked at Zayn:"Are you serious?!?! I dont want to do that!! Its unfair!!"
Zayn just answered smirking:"Harry you took dare, you have to do it!!"
Harry give in:"Alright you perv!! But not now!! It would be unfair to do it infront of everyone"
"Sorry dude, but you have to do it infront of everyone."

Harry whispered something to him. I couldnt hear everything and not so good but I think he said something like 'I will do it while the game, when nobody notices, I dont want to be to mean to her.' Zayn nodded and sat back at his place.
What was he going to do and to who?? I was just soo curious. Harry called him perv and I dont know why but I wanted to be the person who he did it to, but at the same time not. I mean it will be infront of the others and if Harry thinks thats perv, it has to be really perv!!

Zayn and Alina were kissing a lot while the game. I think their gonna have fun this evening, when Alina sleeps over at the hotel with Zayn. Alina was always like 'I wont have sex till I'm 20' But at the end she broke it last year with her boyfriend. Dont worry she isnt cheating on him with Zayn, she broke up with him some months ago, when she moved to Germany. She is just visiting us at the moment for Chrismas. She wasnt the 'bitch' of us, actually I was it. Alina, Nati, Sarah and Claudia always called me the 'Middleage-bitch' or the 'modern-bitch'. Don't ask me how they came to these names, but Alina did a lot more than me with boys and bevore me.

However, back to the game.
We decided to watch a movie instead. We watched Jack&Jill. It was kinda funny but also disgusting. In the middle of the movie I went a second at toilet and when I came back I saw Zayn that whispered something to Harry. The Guy with the curly hair nodded and saw me coming back. He tapped the spot beside him to show me to sit down there. So I did. He wrapped his arm around me and pushed me close to him.

Everyone was fixed at the movie and laughed. I felt a something warm on my upper tight. It was Harrys big, strong hand. He was watching the movie, while his Hand made his way always more up.
"Hey curly, what are you doing?" I whispered to him.
"Just let it go, you will feel much better after it. And I actually hate it getting sweet nicknames from girlfriends." He whispered back, not even watching at me.

"I know, but I'm not your girlfriend and its funny calling someone with name he hates. But dont change subject. Harold Edward Styles, you better dont do what you want to do." I kissed his cheek.
"Sorry, but I have to. I choosed dare." 

Is Styles kidding me?? Zayn told him to do that??? I always thought Harold is the most perv, but I was wrong. I dont wanted him to do it, but just cause the room was full with other people and if hes as good as in my dream, I will kinda moan a bit too loud.

I got it to Update today YEY!! Hope you enjoyed this Chapter!! :)

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