In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


31. Claudia and Niall (part 2)

Hey guys, This is still a chapter but I want to warn you that this chapter is gonna be more sexual, everybody who is under 15 please just skip this part. :)

Love you :**


No ones P.O.V.
Claudia:"... And between I would love to have sex with you."
Niall:"Are you sure???"
Claudia:"Hai, I am sure. I want it now!"
Niall:" Claudia I dont wanna take your virginity today, it should be something special"

Claudias P.O.V.
"Claudia I dont wanna take your virginity today, it sould be someting special" Niall said.
He is soo sweet. He is the perfect boy and I am sure. I wanna have it with him. Now!
I just pressed my lips against his and whispered:"Niall, as long as it with you, it is something special"

He kissed me back and our lips were dancing again. I brought his hands slowly back to my breats and let him massage them. He kissed my cheek then my neck, he sucked at one point letting a hickey. I was moning.
After some minutes making out I pulled away:"Niall, I think we should start to wash us, the reason why we are bathing."
Niall:" But you we started so we will finished it also!"

"Nope" I crossed my arms.
"Okei.." He said a bit upset but we started to wash each other.
He put his hands all over my body. Niall first massaged my breats then he went down, across my stomach to my thight. He continued going down and then he rubbed my clit with his fingers, letting me gasp.
"Niall stop, not here" I moaned.

He grabbed a towel and dried us. His body is actually really hot, he has got a lot of muscles and abs. He is eating a lot, but his body is trained.
The next thing he did is carring me to my bedroom. He layed my on my bed. Niall was on top of me kissing, sucking and liking at my neck again. His left hand was at my breast, his right one made slowly his way down my chest across my stomach (again). He rubbed once more at my clit, but this time I didnt wanted him to stop. He slowly let enter one finger in me, then two, letting me moan. When he added speed I became louder and louder:" Niall!!! God.. Oh.. Yeah!!!! Niall DONT stop!" I felt his smirk, while kissing and biting my nipple. This guy really knows what he does!!

I screamed so loud that I was sure all my neighbours heard me, when I realesed all over his fingers:"Oh God Niall! This was Awesome!"
"No problem love. And dont worry, we arent going to have sex this evening. I want to do something special for your first time" He whinked at me, while liking his fingers.

Niall is so cute but sexy. But waite.. Did I just had my first Orgasm?? From My Idol?? Am I dreaming?? Please God, let it NOT be a dream.

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