In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


30. Claudia and Niall (part 1)

Claudias P.O.V.
We went to lunch with One Direction. I wasnt obsessed with them, but I was with Louis and especially Niall. He has this cute smile with this sweet braces. He sat next to me and we talked a lot.
"So, whats your name by the way?" He asked with his blue ocean eyes staring at me.
"I-I?? I-i am C-claudia." I stuttered. I am really shy.

"Nice to meet you." I saw his braces. I always thought that beeing inlove with a star is just stupid until I saw and hear Niall. His Irish accent is just Awesome

(I was hearing music with my earplugs by the way)
"What are you listening to??" He asked and I pulled my earplugs out.
"I-i am l-listening to Tu-turn it Up by T.o.p" I stuttered too much.

"Claudia, dont be shy. I am just a normal person like everybody else." He winked"But who is this T.O.P"
"Hai. Its a korean rapper. I love K-pop, k-pop is korean pop by the way."
"Hai??" He asked titling his head.

"Oh.. sorry.. I am half japanese and its sometimes difficult for me to not talk japanese."
"Okei, thats kinda cool. I love japanese food."
"You love all kind of food!" Louis laughed.

"Yeah, but especially Nandos, Japanes, Italian and Chinese." We all started to laugh.
"But you see Claudia, you can also not stutter, even if its kinda cute when you stutter. Not that your not cute when you dont. Its just its-" I blushed and cutted him of by putting my finger on his lips.
"Sh.. Its okey. I understand" His cheeks became red.


We talked a lot that day. He is just like my dream boy.

I knew it alredy before but now that I know him personally I am 100 % sure.
This evening we went to my house. We had with Louis, Eleanor (yeah, she was also here) Zayn, Sarah, Alina and Nati a mud fight. It was really funny, but we were all dirty, so Niall came to my house take a shower.

When we entered the door, I shut the door behind me and bevore I could realise something, Niall pushed me against the wall and in the next second his lips touched mine. In the first moment I was shocked but then I kissed him back.
I pulled away and asked:" What was that for?"
He looked down:" Sorry, Its just.. I kinda like you.. and I couldnt stop but kiss you!"
"Its okei, I like you too and between you are a really good kisser."

" You, too" We both blushed and he kissed me again, this time with more passion.
"Lets go take a bath" I said and run into the bathroom. He followed.
I slowly striped down. He turn around.

"Ehh.. We are having a bath together??" He asked.
"If you dont feel compfortable with it we dont have to" I said but he answered fastly.
"No no, I would love to!" He stripped down and jumped into the water in the bath slapshing me.
"Oh.. sorry" He apologized.

"Dont, It was kinda funny." Normally in situations like this I feel uncorfortable, I mean not even my best friends have seen me naked. I feel ashemed with things like this, but with Niall I felt so compfortable.
We laughed so hard. When I sat inside, too, he kissed me. His tounge asked for entrance and I gave him. Our toungs were dancing when I felt his hands massaging my breast. I pulled away and gasp.

"Oh sorry, I dindt wanted to do something wrong.." He looked so upset.
"No, its just I never.. "
"You are a virgin right??" I nodded.

"Its not a problem... We dont have to have it. We arent even really dating."
"We are not? I thought.. oh whatever.."
"I thought you wouldnt like dating a guy like me."
"Niall, you are the cutest, funniest guy I ever met! You are just like my dream boy. And between I would love ...

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