In Every Dream Is A Bit Of Reality

A normal girl finds out that her parents are alaways fighting because of her, they Finally decided to TeLl her the true. She has another mum, her real mum is karen Payne. But what if all that was just a dream preparing her for the Reality and bringing her to her true love that saves her life.


35. Bastardo!!

Harry was standing behind me, he wrapped his strong arms around my waiste and his soft pink lips kissed and sucked at my neck. "Harry," I moaned. "Not now.." He calmed me down, I wasnt really angry anymore. Harry didnt stopped till Roberto streched his arm to him:"Hey, I am Roberto and you are the bastard that is kissing my girlfriend!!" Harry stoped kissing me, turned me around and asked:" What??? You have a Boyfriend and then you kiss me?????" He got angry.


I watched over to Roberto and said to Harry:" I would never be together with that STRONZO DI MERDA!!" and watched back to Harry.

"Once you was.. And you loved me. And The sex was really good." Roberto smirked.

"Once, years ago!! When I was small and stupid, REALLY stupid!!"


"Oh and to your question I am stayng here for some weeks with my parents" He whinked at me.

I rolled my eyes and pulled at Harrys arm so that we could continues walking.


Louis came and huugged Harry while I heard Roberto shouting behind me:" TI VOLIO VEDERE VENERDI SERA A MEZZANOTTE DOVE AVEVAMO NOSTRO PRIMO DATE, DEVO PROPRIO PARLARTI!!" (I wanna see you Friday evening at Midnight where we had our first date, I really have to talk with you)


What does he wants?? To brake my heart again?? Was he jeaouls when I kissed Harry?? At the end I still had feelings for him.. But should I trust him?? Does he maybe this time has real feelings for me?? Has he maybe reconised what he lost??

I really dont know and this fucks my mind.


Gonna try to update tomorrow the next chapter ;)




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