Just a one day lover....

Kara is 17 years old her bestfriend is Niall Horan from the band one direction... they have been friends for over 15 years and what will happen on that one special day of the year where lovers can stand out? will it be a one day thing or a forever moment?


2. X Factor

Karas Pov

*Flashback *

Today  was the day Niall auditioned for x factor he had brought me and his mum with him we both were back stage when he was singing maura and i were holding hands and she was crying  but when the judges gave him his results those words "Dont let us down " were always in my head *

he is now famous and trending world wide almost everyday, i just sit at home on twitter daily and wait for him i finally got my phone and called maura.... it rang twice "hello?" "hey maura its kara" "kara? as in My sons bestfriend?" "yeah im glad someone remembers" "how have you been darling where are you living now?" "i am living with my mom in New York in America..." "NEW YORK KARA YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME?" "no im notkidding why?""the boys and everyone elseincluding me are in neew york " "What? we need to meet up have a reunion wait where are you guys can i stop by?" "we are at the plaza room 1345" "ok im onmy way i literally only live like 8 minutes away " i heard a small scream  "ok see you soon." i hung up and grabbed my black pencil skirt with a white top and grabbed my black sparkly toms and ran to my mom "MOOOOOOM GUESS WHO IS IN NEW YORK?" "um i dont know?" "Niall and Maura and the rest of one direction.." "oh my good ness are you heading there now?" "yeah mom i am.... i will see you later or tommorrow i dont know i will let you know." "ok be safe sweetie." and with that i left and went to the hotel i got atext from maura 'hey i will meet you in the lobby, i am by the front desk in a green jacket' 'ok maura i am actually just pulling up right now.' ipulled up and got out i have always wanted to be in the plaza but i am not rich at all i walked up to the door and a door man grabbed it for me "thanks sir"  he smiled and nodded i had saw a lady in a green coat standing by the front desk "excuse me madame is your name maura?" she turned around "yes yes it is and you must be kara my 'daughter' " "hey maura how are you ?" "i am good " she pulled me in for a hug "can we please go see nial?" "yeah sure lets go" she grabbed my bag and walked me through the doors to the "secret Elevator" we then got to the floor i kept looking at the numbers and finally 1345 she slid the key in and it unlocked "Niall? we have a guest" "really? who?" he was yelling from the other room "just come out here " she yelled at him i heard a door unlock and maura stood infront of me  "ok you said there was some one her-" maura moved revealing me "Kara?" "hey niall" we ran up to each other and hugged each other he burried his head in my neck "i missed you Kara" "missed you too Nialler" "so i will leave you two kids alone and i will go see one of the other mums." she left us alone and niall was lookingat me "what?" "oh nothing its just you have changed in a year" "how?" "you have gotten prettier" i started blushing " "so have you i mean come on you show up shirtless when i havent seen you in a year!" "so i guess you feel the same way ?" "wait how do you fe-" i was silencedby warm lips crashing against mine.this couldnt be more perfecct

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