Just a one day lover....

Kara is 17 years old her bestfriend is Niall Horan from the band one direction... they have been friends for over 15 years and what will happen on that one special day of the year where lovers can stand out? will it be a one day thing or a forever moment?


8. The actual truth....

Nialls P.O.V

Kara was acting weird.... why was she acting like that?? i got home and my mom was out of the shower "hey mom " "hey babe did kara leave already?" "yeah she wanted to go home, she was acting really weird, she was also crying so i have no idea what is up with her she wouldnt tell me"  my mom looked confused "thats weird " "yeah i know " i suddenly felt my phone vibrate i pulled it out of my pocket and it was kara calling "hey mum im going to take this its important" "ok babe"

i answered the call 

"hello kara" 

"hey niall i need to talk to you like its very serious" 

"ok im all ears..."

"last night we didnt use a condom..."


 "and i am just letting you know i am" i heard her start crying

"babe dont be upset at whatever you are choosing to tell me or not "

"niall-i-i am pregnant..." 


"i am not kidding ask my mom if you dont believe me"

"no i believe you .... so what are you going to do?" 

"i cant abort it, its wrong... so im going to keep it...."

"well if you keep it that means -" 

"yes niall i have to give up dancing" 

"babe im sorry "

"its not just your fault niall itsboth of ours we drank too much " 

"i know... do you want me to tell the boys about it?" 

"no i will come over and we will tell them together i have to tell dani to tell her manager that i cant dance for a long time.." 

"ok i will see you then" 

"bye babe"

"bye kara"

i hung up the phone and fell back on my bed.... "why does this have to happen to her?" i said out loud 

"what did you say niall?" mymum said from the other room 

i walked out to her... "i pretty much have ruined kates live forever....." "why?" "we werent save and now she is pregnant" 

she looked shocked " so i take it she is keeping it?" "yeah she cant abort it, it will make her sad..." "well niall... you need to be there for her..." "i am "

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