Just a one day lover....

Kara is 17 years old her bestfriend is Niall Horan from the band one direction... they have been friends for over 15 years and what will happen on that one special day of the year where lovers can stand out? will it be a one day thing or a forever moment?


1. Story

Kara's P.O.V

Hi my name is kara, i am 17 years old im a dancer my dance teacher has made me win many national titles all over the world and i am going to be attending Juliard here in the next two years while getting my scholar ship at jofferry ballet school in new york. My best friend is Niall Horan, yes from the band one direction people are always following me and trying to get niall and the band to follow them but i dont because its not nice when alot of people dont know about me  so i dont want to make it unfair i have brown hair and blue eyes people say its weird having blue eyes but its awsome so here is how the story begins 

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