Just a one day lover....

Kara is 17 years old her bestfriend is Niall Horan from the band one direction... they have been friends for over 15 years and what will happen on that one special day of the year where lovers can stand out? will it be a one day thing or a forever moment?


7. Foggy

Kara's P.o.v

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes i then closed my eyes and thought 'wait.... i dont have a window in my room...' i then turned around to see that beautiful irish boy sleeping right next to me naked.... i then looked at my body i was naked... what happened last night... I went to get up and i guess i got up a little to fast with my head pounding... i guess i drank a little too much i then put on my clothes then walked out of Nialls bedroom into the kitchen of his suite i decided i shouldmake breakfast so i grabbed some bacon and eggs and made some pancakes with bacon and eggs and i heard the bedroom door open "i smell food" niall said i laughed "babe you didnt have too" "i know but i wanted to for my boyfriend" i gave him a quick peck on the cheek... then we ate breakfast.....

About ten minutes after we ate breakfast the front door opened and it was maura " so i see something happened last night...." i blushed "yeah mum we you know" i looked down embarressed "kara dont be embarressed we knew it would happen and that it would be safe..." "and it was safe" niall stated "well im glad now if you dont mind im going to take a shower so do what ever you want " she winked and then left us alone "kara whats wrong...." "i-i-i-" "what?" "did we use a condom last night???" "yeah of course why wouldnt we ha-" he looked down..... "um yeah i dont think we did" i started crying niall walked up to me and picked me up bridal style "we are not going to let mum see you in this phase " i then burried my head in his neck crying he opened the bedroom  door and then layed me on the bed and shut the door and layed next to me "kara whats wrong?" "niall  i -  " i didnt want to tell him that i might or might not be pregnant "i have to go i  need to talk to my mom" "kara what is wrong with you?" "NOTHING NIALL NOW JUST TAKE ME HOME PLEASE" i yelled at him "ok im sorry.... do you want to talk about it?" "NO NIALL JUST GIVE IT UP WILL YOU???? I DOMT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT OK?" "ok im sorry are you ready?" "yes" 


skip to when kara gets home


"bye kara" "bye niall i will text you later..." "ok love you "he gave me a kiss "love you too niall" with that i left him and ran inside to my mum "mum? mum? i need to talk to you " i yelled  she came out of her room "whats wrong kiddo?" i ran up to her and huggedher and started crying.... "kara whats wrong?" "mom i think niall and i had unprotected sex last night.... and i was you know fertile..." "Kara did you and niall talk about it??" "no i dont want anything to happen..." "your going to have to tell him" "i know can i at least take a test " "yes lets go try a couple" we walked into the bathroom and i took 4 different tests i had to wait fifteen minutes i was pretty sure i was pacing the entire time .....

so fifteen minutes passed and all four test were positive.... "kara we will get through this together...." "thanks mom" "no problem honey i am here for you now just to tell the father" 

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