Just a one day lover....

Kara is 17 years old her bestfriend is Niall Horan from the band one direction... they have been friends for over 15 years and what will happen on that one special day of the year where lovers can stand out? will it be a one day thing or a forever moment?


3. But why didnt you tell me?

Kara's P.o.v

we shared a long and  passionate kiss i didnt know he felt this way about me... "thats how i feel kara" he smiled at me "niall you have no idea how long i wanted to do that..." "so you liked me the entire time?" "yes niall all during high school then you moved away in 11th grade " "kara why didnt you say anything?" "i felt like you didnt like me and it would ruin our friend ship" "kara i liked you for the longest time and thought you wantedto be friends" "niall well i guess we should learn  more about eachother now before any thing happens, i know everything about you already so you dont have to worry about me not knowing anything about you " we bothed laughed "ok what college are you planning on going to ?" "juliard academy of performing arts here in the Big apple""what ?!?" "yeah i got accepted this summer they have been watching me since i was four" "kara i am so proud of you "he grabbed me and hugged me"so what are you going to major in?" "ballet and singing or broadway  stuff" "do you have a boy friend?" "yeah" his face shrunk"well im waiting for him to ask me i know we both like eachother and we have kissed once and are really close" he laughed and smiled "kara will you be my girlfriend?" i laughed "i didnt think you would catch on."  "well i did so ?" "yes niall i will be your girlfriend" he kissed me again "now you have to meet the boys and there mums, and we have to tell my mum we are dating now" he smiled and gave me a small peck on the lips and grabbed my hand "um niall dont you think you should put on a shirt?" "oh yeah i forgot " he let go of my hand and ran and put on a shirt then came and grabbed his phone then texted a whole bunch of people 'band meeting/mum meeting in liams room' they all said ok and we heard a whole bunch of hustling down the hallway and then it was quiet"ready?" "yup just i have never met a famous boyband before...." he laughed "youre so cute" " i know" we unlocked the door and left to the other room i guess it belonged to liam and his mum and his gf who is a dancer i guess "here we are" "ok" "i will have you wait out here for a minute" "ok but i will miss you "



Nialls pov 

i walked into the room and was filled with hellos "guys i have some one i want you to meet" i turned around and grabbed the door and breathed "kara come in" she walked in and stood right next to me "who is this niall ?" louis asked embarrising me "well if you must know this is one of my very good friends kara from school and she is actually living here i new york and is going to become a dancer" they all introduced them selves to eachother and then the secret came out "ok everyone there is one last thing, kara and i are actually-" i paused "how do you say it? going out with eachother" i felt everyonesmile and my mum walked up to us "i knew it was going to happen some day i just knew it"

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