Meeting him

Well this is my first Movella ever so give all comments back to me please hate is accepted. Anyway back to the story, so it is about a girl whoever Zayn Malik at a signing and they started to fall in love. Then Delaney tells Zayn about her past, figuring out exactly where those people that hurt her are. Can zayn protect her?


2. The scar and the truck

Delaney P.O.V
Hours later

I woke up to a large hand running through my blonde locks in a large car. I instantly shot up, breathing very heavy.

"Hey, you passedout and we had to head back to England. I thought you might want to come. I mean I thought you did,".a sexy British voiced said with guilt in his voice. Zayn.

" oh uh yeah I guess," I replied hesitant what to say to a celeb.

" well lets get to kno each other first. I'm zayn I'm in a band calle--," I cut him off.
"You smart ass," I giggle hesitantly.
" fine tell me something about you," he gave me a wink.
" what's to tell in obsessd with one direction, and I have posters of this really sexy guy named zayn. I really like tell me a lie," I shot him back a look, then broke into a laugh.
"I think I might kno him, and I found this girl at a signing and she is really pretty. Except I want to kno more about her. " he replied, nudging me to speak.
"Fine, I live in Edmonton. My birthday is January 6th and yeah,"
" what about your parents," he asked
"Dead and in jail," I replied with a tear in my eye.
Zayn slammed on the breaks startling me and making my jacket slide off my arm. Showing off my scar. I quickly pulled it back up hoping he didn't notice.
"Why are we stopping," I asked in the silence.

Zayn P.O.V t

When I slammed on the breaks I noticed that she had a long scar down the length of her arm.
I wonder what would cause such a large scar. I wouldn't ask, we barley knew each other and it seemed like she didn't want me to see it.
"I want to apologize for not being polite about your parents I shouldn't have Said anything. I'm sorry Delaney. " he answered with emotion filling his voice
" oh zayn there was no way of you knowing and don't you even worry!" I exclaimed acing a kiss on his cheek.

****sorry for short chapter, how is it so far****
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