Meeting him

Well this is my first Movella ever so give all comments back to me please hate is accepted. Anyway back to the story, so it is about a girl whoever Zayn Malik at a signing and they started to fall in love. Then Delaney tells Zayn about her past, figuring out exactly where those people that hurt her are. Can zayn protect her?


5. The next morning

Chapter 5
Zayns P.O.V
I was just laying in the bed cuddling against her. This was fast. I had
Never remembered getting this close to a girl that fast. Well I guess the couple of drinks we had probably helped.
I started running my fingers through her blonde hair. She squished her eyes together and screamed!
Delaneys P.O.V
When I realized where and who I was agin I calmed down. I was in front of Zayn Malik!
"Whoa are you okay?" Zayn quickly asked.
"Omg I totally blanked..I forgot that I had actually met you and that I told u a lot and that I met one direction and that I'm beside u and that oh my god!! I slep beside you!!" I screamed.
"Please don't," he replied
I could feel the confused look creep up on my face. My brows went inward and I got wrinkles of my forehead. Gosh I probably looked mental with absolutely no facial expression--other than confusion. I think my jaw legitimately dropped.
"Don't freak out because I'm famous. I can't handle that. If we are going to be together no matter how it started you need to be calm." He huffed the words out.
"Sorry, it's a lot to take in" I replied.
"I know now let's get ready, sorry that u have to wear the same clothes that you did a day before. We will go shopping today and then you can change," Zayn explained with a smile plastered on his face.
"Zayn, I'm sorry but I forgot to bring my whole wallet i only have a hundred," I explained feeling an empty feeling fill my gut.
"Haha Delaney your not paying one penny! I'm buying it all since I took you without a suitcase. Hmp never thought I'd be a kidnapper," we both laughed for a while.
" okay okay I'll go get r--aww crap!" I realized that I had forgot the essentials.
"What's wrong," Zayns voice was filled with concern.
" I have no makeup, no foundation no eyeliner no mascara no eye shadow no bronzer no nothing!" I almost yelled it to him.
"You don't need make up babe, you already beautiful with out it. But we can get that all sorted out as well," he smiled.
"Your funny Mr. Malik. I need makeup it's just not the same without it." I explained to him.
"Okay whatever. I still think you look perfect with your 1D shirt and shoes and those awesome skinny jeans. And I love the necklace." He answered.
"Haha of course the shirt is of you! And thanks a lot, my grandma gave me it." As I lifted up the fully Simons crested 1D necklace.
"Simply gorgeous," I could tell he wasn't talking about the necklace. I could feel the redness burning my cheeks.
"Well are you gonna get dressed?" I joked at him.
He smiled and walked into a different room. I followed him there. I almost cursed. He had a whole room that was like a closet. A mega walk in closet. There was multiple suits, many jeans, tons of t shirts, long shirts, scarfs, ties, dress shoes, sandals, Adidas, and other shoes that I didn't see the brand name to. Also he had a few body mirrors, with a sink and a 6 foot by 7 foot shelf with hair gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair Spray and other stuff I had no idea of what it was. He was really focused on looking amazing.
"Yeah for a guy I know it's a little extreme. When we get your stuff we can put it in here or we can set up a new room or I'll buy an apartment for you. Really whatever you want," Zayn explained as pulling out some blue Adidas shoes, black jeans and a blue varsity jacket. He also grabbed a white shirting throw it al on his body. He put on some cologne and smiled at me.
"Well I'm not sure lets figure that out later," I finally answered.
"Sure thing, now lets go get your stuff!" Zayn yelled as he finished spraying his hair.
"Okay, let's do it!" I yelled back.
"Shopping spree!" He squeezed in the highest and girlish tone he could possibly do.

*sorry for not updating in forever. Could u guys please comment and give ideas*
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