Meeting him

Well this is my first Movella ever so give all comments back to me please hate is accepted. Anyway back to the story, so it is about a girl whoever Zayn Malik at a signing and they started to fall in love. Then Delaney tells Zayn about her past, figuring out exactly where those people that hurt her are. Can zayn protect her?


4. The hotel and the past

"Hello," I asked quietly I knew I was going to get in shit
"What the hell zayn? Niall just told me that your in Canada still with some random fan. This can't work, you can not bring her to England. Do you no remember the paparazzi? Where's your head man?," Liam screeched through the phone.
"Man, calm down. I'm like 30 minutes from your flat we are in a hotel. She tired and I had to make sure we didn't crash. Shit!" I exclaimed
"What's wrong,?" Liam hissed
"I didn't even get her a suitcase or anything. I don't know where she loves man."
" take her shopping tomorow and let her talk to you just be careful," he warned.
"Okay thanks cya soon," I answered in relief.
I grabbed my suitcase from inside the vehicle and started to haul it into the hotel.

As I entered the hotel I room I could tell that she realized she had nothing to change into. She looked embarrassed.
" I know I'm sorry, I was to excited for you and me to get to know each other. Tomorow we are gonna get you some clothes. I'll take you shopping," I announced to her.
"Okay great!! That's awesome!,"
I could just see her smile growing on her lips.

Delaney p.O.V
I had probably just hit the jackpot with this guy. This could not get any better could it?
Zayn through a big shirt and some boxer at me. Getting the hint I ran to the bathroom and changed. I walked out and put my clothes and the one bed. The only bed.

I noticed that he was watching tv. I slowly walked up behind him. He grabbed my packed and flipped me over
"Shiittt." I manged to spit out.
"Well after all of that traveling I still know barley anything about you. I don't want to push about your parents. But I do want to know. " I looked down for a while not wanting to have eye contact.
"Zayn. I know you want to kno and I will tell you. But it's hard for me I don't want to cry. I really don't. If I do I'm blaming you" I paused breathing a heavy breath. "It's all started after I was born, my father was very abusive he would take crap. My mom probably broke bones Daily and I would hide in my room to cry. One night when I was 10 my father came home wasted, and I think high. He slashed my mother across the face. Slicing her forehead and diagonally to the other side. He started to cut everything. My mom tried to save me getting cuts down her back. He cut me also. I have scars from that experience. I remover running to my room and from that moment on I never saw my mom again. My dad left and never came back either. I always thought he ran away or went to jail. Then I went to my aunts house and then I lived at a friend for a while. Now I'm here. And I'm sorry for this zayn. I didn't want you to know I didn't want anyone to know." I whispered the last sentence while trying to control my sobs. I burst into water works.

"Delaney, your fathers a big dick. I promise to always to protect you from anything that could ever hurt you again."
I couldn't talk at all, my sobs were uncontrolled it was hard to breath.

Zayn P.O.V
I can not believe anyone could treat a girl this bad. Even if the woman was bad or not pure there is no reason for this. Delaney started to sob very loudly.

I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bed. I payed her down and went o the bathroom. I quickly changed and hoped in the bed beside her stroking her hair and neck. Saying comforting things to her as she fell asleep.
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