Meeting him

Well this is my first Movella ever so give all comments back to me please hate is accepted. Anyway back to the story, so it is about a girl whoever Zayn Malik at a signing and they started to fall in love. Then Delaney tells Zayn about her past, figuring out exactly where those people that hurt her are. Can zayn protect her?


6. Sopping spree

Chapter 6
Delaney P.OV
Zayn , led me to his car. He opened up the door and gave me a slight smile as I slide into the seat.
"So, where do you want to go?" Zayn asked as he backed up from his house. Last night flashing through my memory. I can't believe I actually told him everything. Gahh
"Delaney? Everything alright?" Concern filled his voice.
"Sorry. And umm a mall or something will be fine." I answered quickly.
"Okay we will be at a mall in no time." He answered
"Here we are," he announced with a smile on his face.
"Okay, uhm can I just look by myself kind of. Is that okay?" I quietly asked.
"Of course! I'll wait outside the store." Zayn said as he opened the door.
Then I started my crazy shopping spree.

Zayns P.OV
We had been to at least 8 stores, she had never let me see any if it. Just the items in a bag. Waiting for me to pay. I really liked her. I would spend a lot in her. As much as I needed to. Hundreds. Thousands. Millions. Billions. Whatever the cost. I was starting to get kinda bored. Then we reached victora secret. I knew exactly why and what she was here for.

She gave a shy smirk and walked it. I started to follow her when she hit my arm.
"I'll be out soon enough. I know u know exactly what this store is. I will be back in no time. You'll see." She kissed my cheek and walked away.

I shrugged and walked back to the bench. I wait for 15 minutes and they I say her with a lot of items. One that really caught my eye was a matching set of blue lingerie. Jesus, I bet she knew I could see all of this.

No. Stop zayn you can't do this. She is still a stranger to you.

She looked at me, telling me to come over and pay. Again. I didn't mind, it was for the good.

Delaney P.OV
I could feel Zayn stare at me. I knew he had to like me. No one would spend this much on 'just some girl' but thus is the real malik. This was amazing. Just to be a tease I let him see some of it. It wasn't really nice but hey, I'm not the nicest.

As we left the store with my many bags I asked to stop and put in some other clothes. Zayn nodded in agreement. He sat by a bench while I went in will 12 bags. I told him it was important that I take those ones. He is a guy he may not get it.

I opened up all my bags. Looking through to see what I wanted to wear. I went into my bags and put on some large glass frames. They are not prescription but they are cute. Then changed my underwear and bra. I yanked on some black skinny jeans and a hit pink and black stripped shirt. I went into my jewelry bag and put on a gold bracket that said LOVE in cursive. Then I added a bow necklace which was pink. I slipped on some sparkly black bow flats and grabbed my bags and left the bathroom.

"Wow, I can't wait to see what else you have in these bags," zayn teased.
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