Meeting him

Well this is my first Movella ever so give all comments back to me please hate is accepted. Anyway back to the story, so it is about a girl whoever Zayn Malik at a signing and they started to fall in love. Then Delaney tells Zayn about her past, figuring out exactly where those people that hurt her are. Can zayn protect her?


3. Getting together

Zayn P.O.V
She just kissed me, like we have been dating for a while. It made me smile, knowing that I could pass the break up with Perrie. Delaney would change everything and make it right. I loved that about her, well as much u could love a person in 15 minutes.

"What was that for?" I questioned
"Well I like you and I don't want u to know that u and I can tell each other everything, and I will try not to fangirl too much," she explained with a playful tone.
"Thanks, your awesome you just get me. And if u must fangirl I will let you," I laughed.
A tear escaped her eyes ad starting speeding down her perfect cheeks. Quickly I took my hand off of my lap and gently wiped the year off. I looked into her eyes giving her a smile.
"What wrong baby?" I wondered.
" I just can't believe that I'm here with you right now. This is amazing. I love you in the sense of fan girling," she started to hide her face with her hands.
"Mmmm I love everything about you but I do not want you to cry because of it, if I must remind you Liam is the one that thinks girls are pretty when they cry," she cut me off.
"Nobody compares," she answered like it was a test.

"Well the boys are atleast 2 hours ahead so they are going to go to a bar tonight and since the roads are dangerous as hell I thought we could go to a hotel," I placed the idea open.

" sure that sounds nice," she answered.
"Okay since we just met we can get separate rooms if you would like" I explained as we entered a 5 star hotel.
"It's okay we can share one," replied as sending off a text on her phone.
Zzzzz my phone started to get a lot of texts as I finished paying fr the hotel.
"Excuse me, I will get our stuff I you want to head up to our room. 112. "
I whispered to her.
I whipped my phone out to see that Liam was calling.
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