Your My Valentine? (1SHOT41D)

Ashley never dreamed she would run into One Direction's Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles when her and two of her bff's were casually chatting at a coffee shop. They exchange numbers, get set up on a triple date, where will things go from here?

You'll just have to take a little peak to find out (;


1. Valentine's Day ~ Surprised?

Me, Kira, and Kat were all riding our scooters down the sidewalk that lead to the coffee shop down the street. Living in London did have it's perks, beautiful views, wonderful people, interesting culture. But the one thing that seemed to bother everyone was the weather. So dreary, sad, and rainy.

"Uggg, I am literally about to move to the sun", I say making the others laugh.

"Yea, I know what you mean, I wish we could just have one day of sunshine", Kat responded laughing.

We both giggled as we turned into the parking lot of the small coffee shop. We parked our scooters and raced inside.

"Three chocolate mochas please, one with whipped cream, one with caramel", I told the cashier. We stood there a moment before the man handed us our drinks after we had paid the $6.00.

We sat down at a booth near a window as we loved fighting over who got the window seat.

"Forget you guys, the window seat is MINE!", I screamed jumping beside the window banging my nose into it on accident.

"OWWW!!!", I said squealing holding my face in my hands recognizing the blood all over my hands.

"Are you okay?", Kat asks. 

"I need.. tissues!", I yell in pain.

Just as they both go to grab some tissues I see a boy walking towards me from the corner of my eye followed my two others.

"Are you alright love?", I hear someone ask in an Irish accent.

"Y-yes, I just need some tissues", I answer wiping some more blood from my nose

"Here", he says ripping a piece of fabric from his red, long sleeved shirt.

"Oh... thanks", I say taking it and dabbing the blood. "Wait just a moment... Iv'e seen all three of you guys before", I say trying to remember where I recognized them from.

Just as one of them were about to answer Kira came charging with a whole two boxes of tissues in her hand followed by Kat.

They both stopped dead in their tracks once they spotted the boys. 


"Oh... that's why you guys seem so familiar", I say finally remembering them from the magazines and award shows. 




We were all sitting with each other, just having a chat like normal people. It had been a while and I found myself finding some interest in this Niall dude.

"So... what kind of phone do you have?", I ask Niall cautiously.

"Iphone 5", He answers smiling with pride. 

"Do you mind if I add my number into your contacts?", I ask swallowing.

"Not at all", he replies handing his phone to me.

I smile and quickly type my number in before giving it back.

"Well I've noticed alot of chemistry going on between all of us, Me and Kat, Ashley and Niall, and Kira and Liam. So do you maybe wanna go out on a triple date tomorrow?", Harry asks.

We all nod before returning back to our scooters in the front of the parking lot.

"We should go there ALOT more often", Kira says making us all laugh.




Kira, and Kat both had spent the night so we could all get each other ready the next day for our triple date. We were almost ready, I was just adding a few finishing touches of makeup to Kat's face when my phone quacked. (yes thats my text tone, a duck quacking like theres no tomorrow) It was Niall.


From ~ The Leprechaun 

hey, you almost ready ?

I replied with  - 


Almost, done in five minutes then on our way.


I tucked my phone back into my pocket then continued working on makeup.


We arrived at the place where we were supposed to meet up at, Mcdonalds. Not too romantic but you just can't beat those peoples french fries!

We walked inside and spotted them hanging out at the largest table, which had six seats.

I walked over to Niall, he hugged me and then looked at my outfit.

"You look beautiful, Ashley", He said smiling.

 "You don't look so bad yourself Niall", I add giggling, making him chuckle.


By the end of the night we had learned quite a bit about each other. We were both into a lot of the same things, eating, joking, horror movies, and just hanging with buddies.

"Can you come outside with me Ashley?", Niall whispered. I nodded as he took my hand and led me outside the building.

"I had a lot of fun tonight Ash, you don't mind if I call you that do you?", He asked smiling.

"It's fine, as long as I can call you Ni", we both laughed.

Before we new it our lips locked and his hands were no longer in his pockets but instead resting on my hips.

After we both pulled away we had an awkward look but then started laughing.

" Looks like we are each others Valentines", I add happily.

"We should do this again Ash", Niall said laughing.

"I agree", I said smiling.

What a wonderful way to put an end to the perfect night.


Authors note:

Hope everyone enjoyed it! I worked hard to come up with a good story line for this competition. Don't forget to Comment, and become a fan(;



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