Valentine`s Day

Harry Styles met a girl -Sam Garge- a week before Valentine`s Day, Harry instantly fell in love with her. She couldn`t stay for a date because she has leaving for the weekend. But she gave him her number. They stayed in touch and she just moved to Holmes Chapel. They meet again at the high school that she was now going to. She and Niall look like infernal twins. Will they be twins? Will Sam and Harry get together? Read to find out! P.S. this does switch POV`s just saying!


3. School

        Harrys POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off and Gemma yelling at me to get up. It`s Monday. School! At least I get to see the lads. Niall and his Irish terms have gotten me to say that! I can`t wait! I get up and dressed. Head down stairs to see breakfast all ready to go but I `m gonna be late. Can`t miss the bus. So I grab a banana and rush out the door. Hey a new girl. Wait I know her! She shouts my name but the bus comes and I take my seat. The girl I saw was the girl I`m in love with, Sam Garge. Holy shit she`s hot! I rush to my locker and homeroom. I`m greeted by Louis. "HARREH!" He shouts. " Hey Lou!" I say. During homeroom Sam comes in all confused. " Is this room 802?" She asks. " Yes. I presume that you are Samantha Garge?" Mr. Malcom asks. " Yes. Sorry I`m late first day." She says nervously. Mr. Malcom motions her to sit next to me. Sam is just so..... now I`m staring at her so I quickly turn to the boys. They are all staring at Sam as well. " Guys. It`s just a girl!" I tell them snapping them back to reality. " That`s nice Harry. I`m just a girl. "Sam laughs. "Sorry Sam." I tell her, half laughing myself. Home room ends and I head off to math. Then lunch, then science, and the rest of my classes up to choir I didn`t have with her. Lunch was interesting.... here is what happened.
I sat down with the rest of the guys, Emma, Esh, and even Sam. Damn she is beautiful. "Earth to Harry" Emma waves a hand in front of my face. "Sorry" I mumble. Everyone was talking when Taylor walked in. And sat on lap. I broke up with this bitch?! "Hey Harry! Wanna take me back?"she asks. "No. No I don`t"I tell her making her scoff and walk off. Sam starts laughing so much that I laugh and everyone else. See told ya! Back to the present....
Choir! Sam sat away from everyone else and I decide to join her. "Hey!"I say. "Hey, Harry" Sam says, she`s nervous? "You ok?" I ask. "No, what if they make me sing? I can`t do it, Harry" She looks down. "Het, you`ll be fine, just imagine that you`re in your room singing" I say then go to my seat. But I caught her smile.

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