Valentine`s Day

Harry Styles met a girl -Sam Garge- a week before Valentine`s Day, Harry instantly fell in love with her. She couldn`t stay for a date because she has leaving for the weekend. But she gave him her number. They stayed in touch and she just moved to Holmes Chapel. They meet again at the high school that she was now going to. She and Niall look like infernal twins. Will they be twins? Will Sam and Harry get together? Read to find out! P.S. this does switch POV`s just saying!


1. Harry Styles and Sam Garge

-Chapter like 3 or 4 will be the story actually starting with the back story-



I`m Harry Styles. I`m currently 6'1! Have brown curly hair. Emerald green eyes. Oh! And I`m in One Direction. The girl I`m in love with doesn`t know that though. We aren`t famous, yet! What we plan on doing is. Trying out for X-Factor on our own. Then see how we go and then just be a band on our own. The five of us! Anyways. The girl I`m in love with, I`ve only met her once. It was about a week ago! Today is February 13th! Tomorrow we go back to school from renovations on the school. Wonder what they did to it. I`ll find out soon enough! I`m preparing for seeing the boys again! Besides Lou! He`s over here all the time! 



Hey! I`m Samantha Garge! I hate my last name, call me Sam! I`m about 5'6. Have dark brown hair that I`ve bleached blonde. Bright blue eyes! I`m moving from London to Holmes Chapel! Away from my old enemies! Time to start over! About a week ago, I met a really cute boy named Harry, Harry Styles. Iv`e already made my best friends- Eshed Ozeri and Emma Riley. Emma introduced me to her best guy friend Niall Horan. He`s Irish! Why is he is England? In Holmes Chapel? I start school tomorrow! With Eshie-Eshed- and Emma! And even Niall! Yay! I`ll actually know some people! But I moved in the middle of the new semester! I`m gonna have to catch up most likely! I`ll see you soon school! YAY! 

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