Valentine`s Day

Harry Styles met a girl -Sam Garge- a week before Valentine`s Day, Harry instantly fell in love with her. She couldn`t stay for a date because she has leaving for the weekend. But she gave him her number. They stayed in touch and she just moved to Holmes Chapel. They meet again at the high school that she was now going to. She and Niall look like infernal twins. Will they be twins? Will Sam and Harry get together? Read to find out! P.S. this does switch POV`s just saying!


2. Eshed Ozeri and Emma Riley



Hey! I`m Sam`s best friend well one of them, Eshed Ozeri! Just call me Esh though! I`ve got brown hair, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I live in Holmes Chapel. My crush is Irish but he lives in Holmes Chapel. He just happens to be best friends with my  best friend! Emma. Sam is new and she`s already my best friend- really my sister! But we have school tomorrow! Yay.... or not! I don`t care! Just kidding! I get to see Niall again! But there is one thing that I`m worried about, Sam and Niall look alike. Almost twins. But I`ll be fine. My relationship with Niall might get better soon. Oh! And I`m like 5`4 or 5'6 something like that!



BOO! Ha ha! Sorry I`m Emma Riley! All my best friends are Niall, Sam, and Esh! I have ginger hair ad blue-green eyes. I`m like 5`7 one of the tallest of my friends other than Niall! I finally get to see him tomorrow! And Sam and Esh! YES! But the sad part is that we have school tomorrow! Well, see ya later! SCHOOL HERE I COME! WAIT AND SEE! Niall is best friends with my crush Louis Tomlinson! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just love him so much. He has all his classes with either me or Niall or both. It`s nice.

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