Hi, My name is Abby i'm 17 and i live in Holmes Chapel, England. Cheshire is a small town, everybody knows everybody. That's how i became bestfriends with Harry..Yes, Harry Styles.


2. "What just happened..."

After a two minute kiss Harry looked win the eyes. "Abby, after the X-Factor, after I left you don't know how much and how long I've wanted that kiss." Harry said smoothly.

"Harry,I thought you wouldn't forgotten about me. Moved on found someone a lot better than me. But you didn't," I said letting a happy tear fall.

"Babe, I could never forget you. You are my bestfriend. My love, my other half. You. Were there when my parents got divorced, when I got my first job, most importantly when I went to the X-Factor."

"Harry I'm in love with you, I need to be with you." I said smiling at the ground.

"Babe, be mine?" As Harry said those words I looked up and hugged him.

"Yes!" I said hugging him crying with happiness.

"Now let me go see my mum!" Harry said with a smirk.
We walked out hand in hand. When we got back to Anne, & Gemma, Harry's step dad was in the cafeteria.
Harry hugged and greeted everyone and we announced we were dating. We all went home and spent time together, Tomorrow should be good. I got my Best friend back,
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