Hi, My name is Abby i'm 17 and i live in Holmes Chapel, England. Cheshire is a small town, everybody knows everybody. That's how i became bestfriends with Harry..Yes, Harry Styles.


1. "Please, Don't forget."

Finally. I get to see my bestfriend again! 2 years. Its been two years since Harry auditioned for the x-factor, made it in a band and went on tour! Me, Anne Gemma & Harrys step dad are going to the  airport to pick him up and meet the boys. I've never been so nervous.
Us he moved on? Forgot?


We've arrived at the airport. I was sitting in the waiting area scrolling through my twitter feed shaking so nervously. I was trying to control it so it didn't see so obvious, that wasn't working out very well. Anne noticed and came and sat next to me. I put my phone away and looked at her and smiled. "Honey,Harry will be here any minute. And when he gets here I'm positive your going to be the first one he hugs." Anne said smiling.
"Thanks.." I said standing up and hugging her.

"Flight 823 has now arrived." Spoke the loud intercom.
My eyes lit up and I could hear someone calling my name. I spun around to see Harry running towards me,
"Harry!" I said hugging him.
"Abby! I've missed you. W need to talk.." Harry said letting me go and grabbing my hand leading me to a near by closest before even greeting the others.
"Harry what is this---"
Even before I could finish my sentence Harry's lips crashed onto mine.
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